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Dedre Fouquet

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US$ 1,634

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US$ 654

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US$ 872

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US$ 1,634

"The Meeting"
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The Meeting
US$ 1,634

"The Kiss"
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The Kiss
US$ 1,634

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US$ 3,051

"Mountain Dew"
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Mountain Dew
US$ 1,090

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US$ 1,090

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US$ 1,961

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US$ 1,961

"Mountain Stream"
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Mountain Stream
US$ 1,090

"Mystic Waters"
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Mystic Waters
US$ 1,090

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US$ 1,634

"All the TIme"
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All the TIme
US$ 218

"Blue Hat"
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Blue Hat
US$ 218

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Dedre Fouquet

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About Dedre

Dedre Fouquet

Being creative and making art is so much part of my life : I do it all day. Truly!! Right from a young girl I have been making art pieces - from fireplace screen covers made with string art (remember that!), decoupage pictures, plywood fish mobiles, room dividers, placemats.....All around my home you will see hand made products. In my professional life I am a full time illustrator and designer. Quite honestly throughout my journey I have been in denial about being called 'an artist', I have always referred to myself as a professional consultant and problem solver for my industry. The last 11 years have taken me from the digital world of work into my studio and working with my hands again. In my working career I have a certain style. In painting my style seems to emanate from my own feelings and growth. As I enjoy a particular paint or product I create ranges. Once I've explored that product, I try another and create a new style and set. Creativity is what flows through me. Mostly I love to share my work. Whether you visit my home or visit my sites. I feel my artworks are soothing, contemplative, short I call them Healing Rooms. If you are inspired by my artworks please do let me know. If you would like to grace your living space with a piece of me, I would be eternally blessed and grateful.

Price Range

US$ 218-3,051



2019 - Portrait commission for Anton Tvrz
2018 - The Obama Foundation - Namuh
2017 - Platypus Productions - Painting commission for studio walls
2016 - Baxter Dance Festival - Prematuur - Saskia Wicomb commissioned live art projections behind dancer performance
2016 - Painting Commission for Dark Tower
2016 - Painting it Forward - Tygerberg Hospital
2015 - Painting commission for FilmArt
2013 - GlassArt commission for De Compagnie 10 year old Brandy label
2013 - Fashion illustration commission - Saskai Wicomb Fashion Show
2011 - Watercolour commission - Anika Germany
2019 - PurPur Festival of Transgressive Arts, Straight Line by composer La Monte Young (Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town) - Art Music performance
2018 - Mervyn Gers and Milan Cronje - Aloe Paintings
2018 - The Flower Effect - Collaboration with Jasmina Cibic (Installation)
2018 - Painting it Forward - Tygerberg Childrens Hospital
2017 - Knext Gallery - GlassArt Series
2016 - Painting it Forward - Karl Bremer Childrens Hospital
2016 - 48 hour Film Festival - Infidels, directed by Desmond Denton from Imagenheart
2016 - Room11 Performance (Alliance Francaise, Cape Town) - Art Music performance
2016 - PurPur Festival of Transgressive Arts, Room11 (Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town) - Art Music performance
2015 - PurPur LAB, Room11 (Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town) - Art Music performance
2015 - PurPur Festival of Transgressive Arts, Room11 (Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town) - Art Music performance
2015 - Room11 at Youngblood Gallery (Cape Town) - Art Music performance
2014 - Room11 (Stellenbosch) - Collaboration Pierre-Henri Wicomb, John Pringle (Art Music installation)
2013 - De Compagnie (Wellington) - Tranquille Exhibition (oil painting on canvas)
2013 - Holden Manz Gallery (Franschoek) - Oil painting exhibition
2012 - Ready Steady Draw course (Constellation House Rondebosch) - Teaching Drawing Skills
2013 - Ready Steady Draw course (Stellenbosch) - Teaching Drawing Skills
2012 - Ready Steady Draw course (Stellenbosch) - Teaching Drawing Skills
2012 - Anophthalmus Hitleri (Slovenia Maridor) - Collaboration with Jasmina Cibic (Installation)
2012 - Woordvrou - Oude Libertas (Stellenbosch) - Collaboration with Riana Scheepers (Exhibition of Glass Art and mixed media)
2009 - Off the Wall (Paarl) Postcards (Mixed media exhibition)


Diploma In Graphic Design

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