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Lorraine Dorothy Bezuidenhout

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US$ 445

"A Mothers Sorrow"
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A Mothers Sorrow
US$ 521

"Fishermans Gully"
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Fishermans Gully
US$ 88

"Between Heaven and Earth"
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Between Heaven and Earth
US$ 85

"Incoming Tide"
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Incoming Tide
US$ 86

"In Flight"
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In Flight
US$ 87

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US$ 85

"Early Morning Mist"
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Early Morning Mist
US$ 87

"Manna from Heaven"
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Manna from Heaven
US$ 88

"Five Hip Hop Girls"
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Five Hip Hop Girls
US$ 88

"My Green Valley"
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My Green Valley
US$ 87

"Bubbles ii"
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Bubbles ii
US$ 91

"Seven Pink Roses"
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Seven Pink Roses
US$ 93

"Oncoming Storm"
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Oncoming Storm
US$ 63

"Sunshine Bling"
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Sunshine Bling
US$ 93

"Last Rays"
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Last Rays
US$ 63

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Lorraine Dorothy Bezuidenhout

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About Lorraine Dorothy

Lorraine Dorothy Bezuidenhout

As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings that speak both to me and to others about the beauty that exists in nature.
I do not merely want to capture the image with my brushes; rather, with careful, colourful strokes, I want to give that milieu life once again.
The challenge, as with any recreated moment in nature is to capture it in all its former glory or just an amazing moment of glory.
My artwork speaks, a language of colour that we all understand and love be it just one colour that excites.
I normally paint in a series, and during 2018 I want to meet the challenge and master the slickness of Alcohol inks have on Yupo paper.
I have over 30 years of experience in painting with mediums of Watercolours; Acrylics; Oils as well as Alcohol Inks on Yupo paper.
No paintings are duplicated, but something similar may be commissioned.

Price Range

US$ 61-521



2013 Namibia Art Exhibition
2014 Grahamstown Arts Festival
2014 Port Rex 14th Annual Exhibition
2014 Tamboekie Festival
2015 Queenstown Annual Exhibition
2015 Solo Exhibition Ann Bryant Gallery
2015 Tamboekie Festival
2015 Grahamstown Arts Festival
2016 Anything but paint Exhibition
2016 3 day Big Green Day
2016 Grahamstown Arts Festival
2016 Gonubie Lions Annual Exhibition
2017 Umtiza Arts Festival
2017 Anything but paint Exhibition
2017 Grahamstown Arts Festival
2017 Gonubie Lions Annual Exhibition
2017 Co-Lab Festival


self taught

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