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Greg da Silva - Crossing Over | Animals & Wildlife Art Art Painting
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Greg da Silva - "Crossing Over"

"Crossing Over"

Crossing Over
Other, US$ 849

Crossing Over

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W: 600mm x H: 400mm
W: 24" x H: 16"

This work is unframed


US$ 849


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About "Crossing Over"

While driving down this dirt road in the Western Cape I noticed a tortoise on the side of the road. I stopped the car, got out and lay on my stomach with camera in hand and waited for my friend to start walking. He didn't disappoint me. But lying in the dirt connecting with mother earth and watching this beautiful creature crossing over was truly a humbling experience. I wonder where he is today?

Greg da Silva

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About Greg

Greg da Silva

I am a photographer/artist based in Johannesburg.

The windstorm was coming up fast and I could hardly see a thing through the sand in the air, trying to protect my camera from all the dust I looked in front of me and saw this little African girl walking on a single dirty road trying to get back to her village before the storm broke.
Without thinking I took aim with my camera and the rest is history. This was the first amazing photograph that I took, I was 16 at the time and on route to the Okavongo swamps in Botswana.
33 years later I am still taking photographs of the world around me. I left the corporate world 12 years ago to pursue my hobby full time.
Am I an artist? well I would like you to be the judge of that. Am I a perfectionist, yes only when it comes to my photography.
My favourite photo ever taken? you guessed it...the photo I took when I was 16.

Having sold photographs in galleries around South Africa and seeing them hanging on clients walls is what does it for me. When someone just loves a masterpiece that I have created it makes it all so worthwhile.

With the advent of Photoshop I have become totally addicted. I'm not old school and believe that a bit of Photoshop makes the world of difference.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Price Range

US$ 849-849


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