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10 Works

"Alert Young Lioness"
View Large Image Mixed Media:  W: 620mm x  H: 450mm x  D: 15mm

Alert Young Lioness
by Basie Geerdts
US$ 313

"Woman in Landscape"
View Large Image Oil:  W: 600mm x  H: 450mm x  D: 20mm

Woman in Landscape
by Doreen Daubermann
US$ 821

"Sleeping Nude in Metal 1/1"
View Large Image Aluminium:  W: 350mm x  H: 175mm x  D: 15mm

Sleeping Nude in Metal 1/1
by Rheta-Mari Kotze
US$ 308 277

View Large Image Digital:  W: 562mm x  H: 420mm

by Morain
US$ 54

"Lady Reading"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 920mm x  H: 610mm

Lady Reading
by Susan Steyn
US$ 285

"Nude 02"
View Large Image Watercolor:  W: 580mm x  H: 390mm

Nude 02
by Lorraine Wilson

View Large Image Acrylic:  W: 400mm x  H: 400mm x  D: 15mm

by Adelheid Manefeldt
US$ 103 SOLD

"That unbearable lightness of being"
View Large Image Acrylic:  W: 900mm x  H: 1500mm x  D: 35mm

That unbearable lightness of being
by Sannette Boshoff
US$ 912 SOLD

View Large Image Acrylic on Canvas:  W: 350mm x  H: 600mm x  D: 15mm

by Renee Gerstner
US$ 137 SOLD

"Lounging Leopard"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 460mm x  H: 420mm x  D: 20mm

Lounging Leopard
by Tess Haines
US$ 570 SOLD