Inheritance (Colossians 1 v 17) Inheritance (Colossians 1 v 17) Affordable Art 96892
Monica K Cserei - Inheritance (Colossians 1 v 17) | Animals & Wildlife Art Original Art
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Monica K Cserei - "Inheritance (Colossians 1 v 17)"

"Inheritance (Colossians 1 v 17)"

Inheritance (Colossians 1 v 17)
Aluminium, US$ 297

Inheritance (Colossians 1 v 17)

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Aluminium beverage tins, wood

W: 1001mm x H: 1000mm x D: 130mm
W: 39" x H: 39" x D: 5"

Approx. Weight: 9kg

This work is unframed


US$ 297


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Inheritance (Colossians 1 v 17)

About "Inheritance (Colossians 1 v 17)"

Photo of this art work, courtesy Karen Sandison.

My inspiration for this art work is from Colossians 1:17 And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

Monica K Cserei

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About Monica K

Monica K Cserei

My love of nature dates back to my very early childhood. It began with an interest in flowers, plants and animals but my obsession with butterflies and moths is probably the most noteworthy of all my interests. As I have matured, my interests have intensified and expanded and my passion for every aspect of nature has become an unquenchable thirst...I cannot get enough of it. This theme is evident throughout my work. God, Jesus and the nature They bless us with, are my pivotal inspiration.
I am proudly South African (and Hungarian) and am constantly in awe when I think about how blessed we are with the beauty that surrounds us. The landscape is ever-changing and everything within it sincerely exudes unmatched wonder and uniqueness. I love exploring and expressing the intricacies of the magnificent South African bushveld in my work predominantly, using various media. I am also captivated by the diverse wonders of nature around the world and enjoy exploring this subject in my art works too.
Being an artist and designer, I am inspired by various media and techniques and find it difficult to stay true to only one. I enjoy exploring my inspirations and expressing them in various art forms. My collections therefore vary between my chosen media. I am also passionate about recycling and using discarded sheet metal in my constructed art works.

Commissions gratefully accepted.

Price Range

US$ 89-3,688



God and Jesus have blessed me with my talent, mostly self taught

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