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Fransi Nieuwoudt - Playground: Swinging Universe | Spiritual Art Art Painting
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Fransi Nieuwoudt - "Playground: Swinging Universe"

"Playground: Swinging Universe"

Playground: Swinging Universe
Digital, US$ 74

Playground: Swinging Universe

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Digital Image

W: 420mm x H: 297mm x D: 1mm
W: 17" x H: 12" x D:

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 74


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About "Playground: Swinging Universe"

I was inspired by another artist's work. She is a brilliant water paint artist.
I hope to use this as a reference for a later water painting.
I love swinging and I would love to one day swing over water, feeling the touch of both elements at the same time.
Deeper meaning: Dipping my toes in my own unconscious as well as the collective consciousness, while the air of inspiration, creativity and new ideas caresses me. Dreams as a reality where fish are comfortable in water as well as out of the water. To be from the water and out of the water at the same time.Reaching in anticipation. A pendulum that goes higher and higher and faster and faster.

Fransi Nieuwoudt

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About Fransi

Fransi Nieuwoudt

My work have been influenced by those masters like Botticelli, Manet, Dali, Chagall, Klimt and Ralph Steadman. I identify as a meta-modern symbolist and as such I am intrigued by the mystical and visionary.

I am fascinated by the tidewater of creation. Each day we are reborn into the mishmash of life and its patterns. We are tadpoles swimming in spheres of brilliance. In this perfect design of chaos and order we draw our own meanings and then set it free. Thus it stays a part of us, but at the same time become something new .

Price Range

US$ 40-5,585



- The first time that my work was part of an exhibition was in 1993.
- Several school art exhibitions and competitions in the different provinces of our country.

Since we moved to Lichtenburg:

Ouwerf: 2011

Lichtenburg Hoërskool Kunstefees: Kreatiwiteit, Kuns, Kinners en Karre: 2011

Willem Annandale Gallery: 2011-2014

Lichies Omgee: 2013

John du Toit Motors (Nissan): 2013

Miniature Exhibitions at Maxi's Lichtenburg: 2012, 2013

Bootklub: Solidariteit/Helpende Hand - "Almal wil net liefde he": 2013


A postgraduate degree.

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