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Jill Connacher

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US$ 125

"Near Arniston"
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Near Arniston
US$ 119

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US$ 137

"Landscape with Moon"
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Landscape with Moon
US$ 69

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US$ 69

"Eastern Cape Landscape"
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Eastern Cape Landscape
US$ 113

"Koppies And Fynbos"
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Koppies And Fynbos
US$ 161

"Deserted Homestead"
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Deserted Homestead
US$ 149

"Karoo Mountains"
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Karoo Mountains
US$ 119

"Landscape 1"
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Landscape 1
US$ 113

"Landscape with Koppies"
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Landscape with Koppies
US$ 107

"Birds of a feather"
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Birds of a feather
US$ 96

"Spring Blooms"
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Spring Blooms
US$ 149

"Catching the Light"
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Catching the Light
US$ 119

"N2 Cutting"
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N2 Cutting
US$ 167

"Waterscape with Egrets"
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Waterscape with Egrets
US$ 131

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Jill Connacher

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About Jill

I have always enjoyed being creative and spent many years as a display artist. The urge to paint was always there and eventually I joined an art group and attended my first workshop, where the magic of watercolour was revealed to me by Thelma Buzzard.
We called ourselves 'Group Eleven' and had about 6 annual exhibitions at the EPSAC gallery, we finally expanded and became the East Cape Watercolour Society (ECWA)
I paint in all mediums, but mostly watercolour.
Favourite subjects, nature in all its forms, portraits, but not limited to these.

Price Range

US$ 69-173



group exhibitions with
EPSAC (Eastern Province Society of Arts and Crafts)
Massa (Miniature Art Society of South Africa) Locally , London, Washington and Tasmania



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