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Bets De Bruyn

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"Self Portrait"
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Self Portrait
US$ 255

"Family Group"
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Family Group
US$ 573

"Packaged Fruit"
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Packaged Fruit
US$ 318

"Spring Blossoms"
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Spring Blossoms
US$ 446

"Dodie and Children on Heuningfontein"
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Dodie and Children on Heuningfontein
US$ 1,018

"Desert Jewel"
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Desert Jewel
US$ 509

"The Artist"
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The Artist
US$ 1,018

"Knowledge of Good and Evil"
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Knowledge of Good and Evil
US$ 446

"Punini on Heuningfontein"
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Punini on Heuningfontein
US$ 1,146

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Bets De Bruyn

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About Bets

Bets De Bruyn

My inspiration comes from the big open spaces here in the Southern Freestate, also people; the emotions and actions of people fascinate me.
Human kind is the most prolific species on the planet and as such the most dangerous. As everyone knows, we, as the human race, is in the process of destoying the earth. If I can reach one person through my art, to create awareness of how we can behave differently, I will be overjoyed and can regard my art as worth it.
I have been a sculptor and artist for as long as I can remember, and has participated in numerous exhibitions since I become a serious artist about 25 years ago.I won the Old Mutual "Sculptor of the Year" award in Centurion in 1988. I have various art works in overseas countries, mostly visitors to South Africa who bought my works, as well as ex-South African who did not leave my art behind when they left the country.
I moved to the small town of Bethulie beginning of 2008, mainly to enble me to devote all my time to art, not just making it but also teaching it. My life is extremely rewarding and this enriches my art tremendouly.

Price Range

US$ 255-1,146



Participated in many exhibitions since 1985.


Univ of Pretoria from 1972 to 1974

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