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Shelley Lipton

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US$ 85

"Indian Girl"
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Indian Girl
US$ 324

"Yellow Flowers"
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Yellow Flowers
US$ 130

"Forest Fire"
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Forest Fire
US$ 303

"Ghost Dancers"
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Ghost Dancers
US$ 303

"Fruit Market "
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Fruit Market
US$ 303

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Shelley Lipton

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About Shelley

Shelley Lipton

My name is Shelley Lipton. I was born in the fifties in South Africa and have been passionate about art since I was 9 years old. I studied art at school and have participated in many art classes and workshops since. I am an avid traveller and have always been inspired in my artistic works by the places I have travelled to, particularly Italy. I enjoy painting abstracts and nudes and love to sketch. I prefer working with bold, bright oil colours and using mixed mediums. I have been commissioned to paint various works for individuals and businesses, which is really enjoyable. I am currently living in Johannesburg with my husband and have two daughters and four amazing grandsons!

Price Range

US$ 85-324


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