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Anneri de Wilde

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"Young Lion"
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Young Lion
US$ 1,430

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US$ 953

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Anneri de Wilde

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About Anneri

My art reflect the memories, thoughts and thrills we experience as we brush with nature, and the therapeutic sense of serenity and awe we experience as we behold it's rich scenic beauty.

My Mission:
To find beauty, to magnify beauty, to reflect beauty, to point others to beauty.

Beauty is most evident in our majestic wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. When we take the time to soak in this beauty, we are transcended above the mundane and the ugliness of our apparent reality. We are elevated to a place where we can receive rest, find peace, joy, healing and wholeness. To a place where we are stirred to commpassion and respect for nature

Price Range

US$ 286-1,430


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