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Elizabeth Kendall

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US$ 447

"A Cloudy Day"
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A Cloudy Day
US$ 251

"Y-Branch Composition"
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Y-Branch Composition
US$ 121

"Green Valley of the Klein Karoo"
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Green Valley of the Klein Karoo
US$ 286

"Like a Rock"
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Like a Rock
US$ 143

"A Dream Painted"
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A Dream Painted
US$ 84

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US$ 88

"Trees Tell a Story"
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Trees Tell a Story
US$ 313

"Let the Sun Shine!"
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Let the Sun Shine!
US$ 80

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US$ 107

"White Jug and Cup"
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White Jug and Cup
US$ 94

"On my way"
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On my way
US$ 107

"Between Trees"
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Between Trees
US$ 93

"The Sea"
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The Sea
US$ 93

"Red Trees"
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Red Trees
US$ 112

"Flowers Forever"
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Flowers Forever
US$ 63

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Elizabeth Kendall

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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Kendall

Since my childhood I have lived for moments when I could paint and draw. Pencils, crayons and bright coloured paint held so much promise. A few years ago I decided to improve myself and underwent formal art training. The lessons served as further inspiration and combined with my own experience, what you see here today are results of my progression.

During my years of teaching, art was one of the subjects I offered to my eager students, and thus I could live my passion through everyday work. The love was always there, in whichever form I would use it.

After a lifetime of teaching it is a wonderful privilege to spend every waking hour of my day (if I so choose) with my paintbrush. To experiment with different media, to inhale the heavy scent of the paint, to feel the colours brush my soul. What awe inspiring, God given talent this is to me!

I derive my inspiration from nature, I love gardening and photography.These are the things close to my heart. To capture images of landscapes, flowers, buildings and great masses of water lies close to my heart.

The time is now that I must share my work and passion with everyone out there!

I am so excited about what the future will hold. Laughter, joy, good health and all the other blessings on my road... It is truly a great privilege to be part of S.A. May you find my joy filled message in my art and make it your own.

Price Range

US$ 63-447



Various local and Group Exhibitions.
Exhibition in Brooklyn Theatre, PRETORIA
21 August - 1 October 2014.
Online exhibitions: "Lizzie loves painting" (blog)
RedBubble (happyart)
Paintings I love: Elizabeth Kendall


Teachers Diploma, B.A., B.Ed. (Unisa)

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