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Olivia Botha - Music Motsies | Contemporary Art
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Olivia Botha - "Music Motsies"

"Music Motsies"

Music Motsies
Acrylic, US$ 446

Music Motsies

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W: 1500mm x H: 1500mm x D: 70mm
W: 59" x H: 59" x D: 3"

Approx. Weight: 10kg

This work is unframed


US$ 446


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Set of 3 music motsies

Olivia Botha

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About Olivia

Olivia Botha

I am a 30 year old artist, married to a wonderful man, currently based in Bloemfontein and come from a small town in the Free state, Virginia. I have been selling art since age 11 and realized from a young age that art was not only a hobby, but rather in my case, a business. My passion in life, is to love, be happy, but most of all, make others happy with that something extra you add to life...LOVE!!!
I've learned how to combine talent, business and love...

let me take you to the birth of my art...
One day in 1993, I was really bored with homework and found a few pastels and thin paper in my drawer...who wouldn't want to draw something in stead of doing maths...haha?!!
I showed my mother the drawings and she fell in love with them...soon her friends wanted to know where she bought the paintings, and lucky for them it was so simple to order them over a cup of tea. The teachers at my school ordered, followed by their friends and I ended up doing bigger shows and exhibitions.
In 1997, I was happy to work with my first art dealer from Johannesburg and I really painted a lot...
In 2000, I was chosen as an ABSA entrepreneur and received a lot of exposure during that year.
After school I had a few agents and continued working really hard. After my season of hard work, I went to England for a few months to take a break. I went through a rather difficult time in my early twenties, but it all made me so much stronger today. NO regrets!!!
My style has changed a bit over the years and today I am enjoying painting on a different level, because I know:It is a privilege and I am assigned to do what I am doing!!!!

I have clients in America, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. Some of my latest work are to be found at the University of the Free state and in the Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town.

My paintings always symbolize a message of love, joy and a sense of being free... My favorite form of art is Children's art, because of the purity and innocence!!! you can see the inspiration!!! I love to work with color, free hand drawing and textures.

My inspiration comes from MY MAKER, without God...none of this was possible!!! My lovely parents supported me in every way, believed in me and even today they are part of this art journey. My husband, Karel is my team mate and since I have been married to him, my art has taken on another level of passion and desire to make the whole world smile with these happy and joyful paintings.

Price Range

US$ 63-446



SARCDA trade exhibition
Kunstefees in the Free state
art galleries in Gauteng
Interior decorating businesses in Gauteng, Freestate, Cape, Mpumalanga



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