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Roanne Labuschagne

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"What Is Your Story?"
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What Is Your Story?
US$ 235

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US$ 523

"White Roses"
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White Roses
US$ 82

"Wisdom Comes With Age"
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Wisdom Comes With Age
US$ 552

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US$ 279

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US$ 302

"Searching the Truth II"
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Searching the Truth II
US$ 244

"Fisherman's Story"
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Fisherman's Story
US$ 427

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US$ 427

"Karoo Farm Scene"
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Karoo Farm Scene
US$ 118

"Karoo Farm"
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Karoo Farm
US$ 242

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US$ 290

"Unconditional Love"
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Unconditional Love
US$ 90

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US$ 110

"Landscape Canola Fields II"
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Landscape Canola Fields II
US$ 125

"Sailboats III"
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Sailboats III
US$ 65

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Roanne Labuschagne

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About Roanne

Roanne Labuschagne

I like to paint what comes to mind, things I dream up.. and these often include images of the human figure, faces, landscapes and to a lesser extent, abstracts. My paintings are contemporary, stylised, subtle, free and often colourful and I would dwell on an idea or theme for a painting, sometimes creating a few with the same thread before moving on. Then I often revisit the theme as an afterthought.

Techniques I use include wet in wet as well as some wet on dry methods - these may or may not be present in different variations and combinations, however the mood may lead me. I have also discovered the wonderful ways of the old masters in layering and find that this method demands much time of course, but the end result is very pleasing to the eye and heart.

For me art is to enjoy, to work with integrity and commitment. Enjoy!

"The eyes are not to be trusted, paintings are not just about light on the retina.
Rather, art is the continuation of impulses from God. There must be movement; growth;productivity" (Unknown author)

Price Range

US$ 54-705



July 2007 - Off the Menue (pretoria) - Group
September 2008 - Off the Menue (Pretoria) - Group
October 2008 - Katvoet (Pretoria) - Group
2013 Solo Exhibition in Phillidelphia
2014 Solo Exhibition in Durbanville Cape Town
2015 Group Exhibition in Durbanville Cape Town


Niah du Toit

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