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If you're looking for affordable, quality, original art, you will find here a wealth of talented artists working in a mix of mediums with works available for purchase to suit all budgets. We ship art all over the world and accept all major credit cards.

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You will find the art to be of a very high quality, with a passion and depth that is borne of the rich cultural heritage that is South Africa infused with the trauma of transformation, the love of nature, the optimism of reconciliation - all factors that inform the superb art of the Rainbow Nation. Listen with your heart as these artists tell their story.

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Featured Artist

James Yates

Reminiscing about those wonderful days in Cape Town? Here’s a painting to bring those memories back. "Waterfront, Cape Town" by James Yates is an oil painting of the classic view across the waterfront with Table Mountain dominating the background. It’s a evening scene painted in a somewhat impressionistic manner. Lights from the restaurants and stores twinkle and reflect in the calm sea. Boats are moored in the jetty as the work winds to a close. Why I can feel the urge to head for Quay Four for a leisurely pint just from looking at the picture!

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Louise de Klerk

Louise de Klerk

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1967 and matriculated in a town named ...

Diane Biccari

Diane Biccari

Colour inspires me. Colour and texture creates atmosphere. My paintings should talk to you. I ...

Sonet Jansen van Vuuren

Sonet Jansen van Vuuren

People and the masks they wear, intrigue me. Nature frees me. Animals make me laugh ...

Nico van Dyk

Nico has had a love and talent for art from an early age.The prospects for pursuing art as a career only became an option after completing his national service though.Where ...

Lynn Farrell

Lynn Farrell

I,m inspired by truth.... I remember when I was a child there were these ...