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Watercolor Paintings

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Watercolor paintings have a timeless quality that can be displayed in any kind of setting. The delicate attention to detail that comes with the medium and the techniques has a lasting appeal and the art has been developed over many centuries.

Whether you are looking for a landscape painting in watercolor or an abstract portrait, our site has something to suit all tastes.

With a generally lower cost of materials and often of a simpler composition than say oil paintings or acrylics, watercolors are usually a cost-effective choice when trying to select works with which to decorate your home.

Being most commonly framed with a matte behind glass, Watercolors are protected from the elements to some degree but should be shielded from direct and harsh sunlight and be kept away from areas of humidity. It is possible to use glass that filters the Ultraviolet spectrum and this will help protect the work. The paper itself (the most common base for watercolors) is also vulnerable to these factors, and indeed to mites and other small insects.

Check out our art gallery today and find a painting by an artist that truly moves and inspires you, all pieces on this site are available to buy safely and securely online.


Sail boats "Sail boats"
Lizelle Botha

Acrylic on blocked canvas, US$60

HeartBeat "HeartBeat"
Darren Bayett

Oil on Canvas and mounted on wood frame, US$9,299

Emily And Goose "Emily And Goose"
Lynn Nurse

Watercolour, US$359

View from Blaauberg "View from Blaauberg"
Galiema Dalvie

Oil on Canvas, US$131

The Fire Within "The Fire Within"
Sharon Till

Oil on stretched canvas, two panels, US$734


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