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Jacques Smit - "Alpha Dragon"

"Alpha Dragon"

Alpha Dragon
Other, US$ 459

Alpha Dragon

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W: 380mm x H: 390mm x D: 240mm
W: 15" x H: 15" x D: 9"

Approx. Weight: 6.8kg

This work is unframed


US$ 459


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About "Alpha Dragon"

With the Alph Dragon I wanted to see if I could create a larger piece without it breaking or cracking.

The focus of this work is the size and solidity of the body, so it is an Earth Dragon and has horns instead of wings.
The dragon is depicted slowly climbing off a sunning spot.

This is the first dragon for which I used shoe polish for the colouring effects.

Jacques Smit

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About Jacques

Jacques Smit

I'm inspired by the joy of seeing clay take on a life of it's own, by putting shape, form and feeling into a thought or concept. I have worked in several mediums, but only clay seems to bring my imagination to life.

Dragons are favorite subject because as an imaginary creature, I have complete freedom in how they take shape. My sculpting career began in 1990 with the desire to express the perfect dragon. No matter what else I do, I always come back to my dragons.
Along the way I discovered an interest in the contours, flowing lines and forms that make up faces. These are most of my wall-mounted works, which I like to show as aspects of nature such as deserts or flowing water.

I am often inspired by the patterns and grains of driftwood and many of my works are tailor-made for a specific driftwood base.
Most of the ideas for my pieces come from tales of magic, fantasy and mythology.

Price Range

US$ 88-459



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