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Theunis Smith - Delapsus Angelus | Spiritual Art Modern Art
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Theunis Smith - "Delapsus Angelus"

"Delapsus Angelus"

Delapsus Angelus
Other, US$ 91

Delapsus Angelus

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W: 280mm x H: 400mm x D: 3mm
W: 11" x H: 16" x D:

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 91


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About "Delapsus Angelus"

"Delapsus Angelus"

Shadowy reflections upon crooked streets.
The melancholic sounds of the tranquil saxophone playing cease Within the growing smog
Shadowy reflections upon crooked streets.
When it does not rain in Heaven

This is a fumaged art piece

Theunis Smith

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About Theunis

Theunis Smith

Theunis SMith was born in the small town of Harrismith in the Free state in 1957.
Since his early childhood days he has had a passion for art. Art has been part of his life for as long as he can remember. Art in any form - crafts, decorating, painting and some days even gardening

During his high school days he switched subjects from learning German to taking art from a local teacher and artist, Mr Ackerman.

Inspiration comes from everything around him, nature, textures and colors. Primary colours such as blues, oranges, reds and greens intermixed with black and white feature prominently in his works

Most of his paintings are not realistic renderings although they appear detailed. They are going towards a more emotive and organic expressiveness and at times semi-abstract

Although he skilled in various mediums he does prefer the rich colors of oil paint, the elements, wings, hair and eyes are an important part of his paintings

He is a self-taught artist, working on becoming a professional. He said that he does't like to learn from art teachers as this would affect his own methods of painting and helps him to become a more of a unique artist with his own style.

In 2016 Theunis decided to turn Professional and in his first year he sold 72 paintings which does not only make him a very successful artist but he proof to be popular with the buying public too. It will not be long before he will fall into that VERY expensive category which all artists aspire to reach.

Price Range

US$ 91-951


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