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Myra Bloomberg - Eve Rising Out Of The Rib | Other Art World Art
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Myra Bloomberg - "Eve Rising Out Of The Rib"

"Eve Rising Out Of The Rib"

Eve Rising Out Of The Rib
Other, US$ 770

Eve Rising Out Of The Rib

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W: 280mm x H: 350mm x D: 80mm
W: 11" x H: 14" x D: 3"

Approx. Weight: 5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 770


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Eve Rising - Wall Hanging

About "Eve Rising Out Of The Rib"

Creation of woman. Only G-D can create a perfect 3 dimension, and we should not worship our art like idols. Even without realising it, we may think we did it alone – WRONG! G-D blesses us with talents or gifts and we must be grateful. Try to say 100 blessings a day!

Myra Bloomberg

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About Myra

Myra Bloomberg

DIED 2021

After so many years of frustration by not being allowed to write, or worse still not being allowed to draw or paint with her left hand! This cruel punishment at school left a damaging effect with loss of self esteem and a great unhappiness in a sensitive talented young child and budding artist in these most informative years. There is a great improvement in education since 75 years ago!The child is left to be left!!!

Now all these years later Myra Bloomberg has actually found herself at last! She is now well known today as a sculptress, artist and dancer.

A sort of miracle occurred after both her beloved parents had passed away; she received a type of visitation or a vision in a vivid dream form her late parents, whose message was to enroll and attend art classes at once!

Myra had already enrolled as a ballet student at the University of Cape Town, with no thoughts whatsoever about studying art at all!

How strange that this was the month that the Cape Technikon was open for enrollments! Myra was immediately accepted as student at the Technikon, majoring in sculpture with the most esteemed and brilliant tutors for the next three years. Mr Michael Barberton and Ms Sandra McGregor.

Excellent and happy days but oh! clashing with ballet classes and lectures (in frustration again).

So Myra began to pour out works in cement, bronze and fibre glass and oil painting with an easy, quick spontaneous style as if she had always been doing this sort of art before in her lifetime.

She began exhibiting intermittently, gaining a high reputation, also working on portraits as commission and selling to overseas buyers, such as African Scenes, Flower Sellers in Adderley Street, Argie Boys, Klopse Dancers from Cape Town.

Myra has recently appeared on the TV program on Channel 2, Simcha and also proudly alongside her Psychologist daughter, Charissa Bloomberg on the TV program on Channel 3.The Power Within.

It is due to her daughters belief in her mothers artistic abilities that with Charissa's encouragement and her. Power of Positive Thinking, that as much success has been achieved. (Note that this is the 'chicken' leading the 'hen' so to speak.) But Charissa has just proved that she is always right!

Both Myra and Charissa have appeared in Radio Cape Talk with Solly Philander with great fun and excitement. Many Capetonians telephoned in and there have since been many repeats on other subjects by Charissa on Psychodrama and Dolphin Assisted Therapy.

Myra at present is writing two books. The deeper meaning of sculptures, and pre-schoolers as little ones in ballet, puppetry and creative drama.

Due to a '3 dimensions' art work known as a 'graven image' see Exody Chapter 20, 2nd Commandment. Therefore Myra's sculptures have a 'mistake' or 'cut' to remind us that only G-D can create a 'perfect' 3 dimension and ensures that her work is not idolised. (This does not apply to high relief sculptures.)

Personal Note:
The foundations of life are built around the 10 Commandments. My biblical sculptures have been inspired by studying deeper into the ethics and G-D's Commandments and how this great wisdom has changed and improved my own character in daily living - Such as:

1. Never slander someone (even if it is true)
2. Not mocking, never bearing a grudge (furribles)
3. Doing kind deeds beneficial to others and animals
4. Watching my speech (swearing) or loss of temper
5. Having integrity at work, 10% to charity
6. Keeping discipline for about 613 laws!

Remember 'G-D is watching from a distance!'

Do this all with energy, enthusiasm. Remember, all our deeds are recorded and are re-played back to us after our death

Price Range

US$ 40-1,449


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