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Liza Theron - "Marlene #1"

"Marlene #1"

Marlene #1
Pastel, US$ 131

Marlene #1

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Gray tone pastels on black paper

W: 410mm x H: 490mm
W: 16" x H: 19"

Approx. Weight: 0.1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 131


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Portrait 102

About "Marlene #1"

Marlene #1...

A vibrant Actress and Singer during the 1920's - Marlene Dietrich who masterfully brought a strong female figure to the front inspires me deeply.

Marlene had a individualistic power and boldness I can associate with. Have you ever been so much your own person that the groups around you becomes like inferno's of gossip to survive their own little safe-houses of superficial slavery?

During the 1920's Marlene's preferred fashion line (which included tailor made mens suits) caused a lot of diverse opinions from people and their judgmental, rather traditional mindsets.

Marlene set the prestigious androgynous look for woman to wear with boundless confidence (the ladies suit).

This artwork is not exactly Marlene it is a woman like her. Her cigarette and calm stare reminds me of gender equality. Woman can be free, stylish, collected, rich and powerful (in a suit) - on top of her game... A true inspiration and there is a man, intellectually integrated enough to understand and accept this frequency.

The gray scale colors on black paper is in contrast with the saying "black on white" as evidence. This drawing is done in whites and grays on black paper. The reason for this is stressing the opposite (contrast) to be evident, true and possible.

The whole drawing is symbolic of the strive towards personal and professional empowerment for this female - in a mans world.

Liza Theron

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US$ 56-436



BA (Psychology); Internationally Published Author;

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