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Mokwelele Maphalle - Mr Madiba (My President) | Portrait Art Original Art
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Mokwelele Maphalle - "Mr Madiba (My President)"

"Mr Madiba (My President)"

Mr Madiba (My President)
Mixed Media, US$ 123

Mr Madiba (My President)

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Mixed Media

W: 750mm x H: 450mm
W: 30" x H: 18"

Approx. Weight: 0.85kg

This work is unframed


US$ 123


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1st black Preident of south africa

About "Mr Madiba (My President)"

This man is a natural born leader & I respect him for his leadership skills. Apart from being the first black President in South Africa, he is as well a freedom fighter of our nation & the father of all South Africans. The inspiration of this portrait is the one love he showed to the nation & that forgiveness comes with working together to archieve a good & healthy worksmanship with one onother, being black or white, indian or coloured we are a rainbow nation after all. This is the Honourable Nelson Rolihlahla Madiba Mandela.

Mokwelele Maphalle

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About Mokwelele

Mokwelele Maphalle

Mokwelele Maphalle was born in Soweto, He grew up in Soweto attending school around Soweto & loved Art, especially making portraits of different people & their cultures. I believe that art is another way of communicating amongst people from around the globe because the is no language in art but one universal way of communication, that is in the work we do.

I am a self taught artist who started art at an early age & began to master my techniques as time went on. My inspiration to take my art futher was my daughter who brought more joy in my free spirit. I want her to grow knowing me as an artist.

I love & enjoy the life I live & cherish every second I am given by my creator, the one who gave me this incredible talent I posses. To the most high God let your perfection unvail in me & the rest of the artists around the world.

Lets unite in the form of art.

Price Range

US$ 77-184



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College CJC

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