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Lerentia Basson

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"Revealing True Self"
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Revealing True Self
US$ 72

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US$ 98

"By the Pond  "
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By the Pond
US$ 72

"Pose of the Child"
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Pose of the Child
US$ 72

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Lerentia Basson

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About Lerentia

Lerentia Basson obtained her BA (Ed) Arts degree from the University of Pretoria. She further did sculpting courses with the renowned sculptor Charles Gotthard.
She left for Europe in 1990. She learned the craft of creating paper mache masks (cartapesta) used at the Venetian Carnival, and worked closely with a master craftsman in Florence Italy.
On her return to South Africa she relocated to Langebaan, Western Cape. For 4 years she managed and worked at the West Coast Arts Guild gallery, the Agios Nikolaos Gallery at Club Mykonos.
For 10 years she left the sculpting scene and did digital graphics for various publishers.
Lerentia returned to ceramic sculpting when the call of the clay could no longer be denied. She is inspired by reading esoteric and mystical sciences and is compelled to try and capture in solid form, these elusive concepts.
She creates sculptures where the following themes are explored:

1. Part of the Whole: All life and life forms are interconnected. Every action and reaction is interwoven with all life and has consequences that ripple through time and space.

2. Creative beings: When we know and correctly apply the laws of correct thinking we constantly create and recreate our own reality.

3. Totems: Learning from other life forms and calling on their protection and knowledge, again interconnectedness.

4. Masks: Personas we create and recreate as we travel through life. They are also thrust upon us by circumstance and environment. We use them to impress, to portray ourselves and to hide behind. They may be beautiful and elaborate or strong and plain.

She also does smaller pieces with functional value, creative incense burners and candle holders and paper weights.

"What I live for and like most about being an artist is the little scratchy feeling in the gut when something really creative starts developing and it is again time to PLAY!"

Price Range

US$ 72-441



Five Feral Females
Agios Nikolaous Gallery
West Coas Arts Guild
Bellville Arts Association
Artists market Association
Ceramics South Africa Regionals


BA (Ed) Art

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