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Mynie Brits

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"Hold on"
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Hold on
US$ 173

"Princess Daisy"
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Princess Daisy
US$ 191

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US$ 345

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US$ 163

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US$ 336

"The Mask"
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The Mask
US$ 163

"Looking at the Stars"
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Looking at the Stars
US$ 100

"The Eyes of an Artist"
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The Eyes of an Artist
US$ 127

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Mynie Brits

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About Mynie

Mynie Brits

"I make use of computer technology to create my artwork. I work on a system called Smart Nav; software designed especially for people with minimal physical abilities. Since I have no functional movement in body, the system works perfectly for me. I use an infrared light on my desk, a reflector sticker on my forehead/cap and with head movements I create my work. Till this day I am still amazed at what I can do on my computer by only moving my head!

I use photographs from family and friends as main source. I cut pieces of different images out by using the magnetic lasso took in Photoshop. I then paste selected pieces onto a background which I create. I usually have no idea where I am going, but I love the excitement that the unknown brings me on my way to the final product!

As a young artist I am still developing my own style. I love to work with warm, earthy colours. I incorporate light and dark in a lot of my work. To me it symbolizes life. Other that that, I just love playing with pictures!

I am blessed with a talent, and I have decided that a dysfunctional body is not going to keep me from sharing it with you!"

Price Range

US$ 100-345



WORKS CAN BE ORDRED IN ANY SIZE - contact us for a quote please. (Stretching of canvasses at extra cost)

The following sizes are available:
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300 x 450mm
400 x 600mm
500 x 750mm
600 x 900mm
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800 x 1200mm
980 x 1540mm

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