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Dale Hellmann

Dale does not currently have any pieces available here - if you are interested in this artist's work please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Dale Hellmann

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About Dale

Dale Hellmann

Dale is a South African who now lives in Cape Town. He has travelled extensively around the world and has lived in Holland, Switzerland and New Zealand. Dale has spent the past twenty odd years of his life in the construction industry as a project manager and has reached a crossroad in his life.
Dale was introduced to sculpturing by a friend Donald Grieg who is an accomplished wildlife sculptor, in 2002. After spending some time in his tutelage as well as having done some training in the making of bronze sculptures at The Bronze Age Foundry in Simon[0x1]s Town, Dale has chosen to focus on his art and is presently working towards his first exhibition.
Dale has chosen to [0x1]smell the roses and live enjoying the beauty of life and the things around him. [0x1]I want on my epitaph to read [0x1]I lived and loved and smelt the roses[0x1]. Life is too short for conflict and idealism. Let us share in the beauty that this world and its people have to offer.
Dale is focusing presently on people and has for a long time been concerned with the ongoing conflict that is developing around the world. The increased dis-enfranchisement that individuals experience in the drive to develop a worldwide conformity and the continuing pursuit of materialism is alienating cultures and communities who[0x1]s values are not recognised or accommodated within in the drive towards collectivism. To this end Dale has chosen to develop his sculptures along the theme of [0x1]Broken People[0x1], using human form in an abstract and undefined way to reflect mankind [0x1]inside out[0x1] and collectively as a whole, out of sync, [0x1][0x1] confused.

Price Range

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