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Renaldo Clifford Pols

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"Horse Head"
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Horse Head
US$ 295

"Black Rhino"
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Black Rhino
US$ 188

"Lion Head"
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Lion Head
US$ 152

"Who Fear to Whom"
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Who Fear to Whom
US$ 134

"Buffalo Head"
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Buffalo Head
US$ 716

"Leopard Sitting"
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Leopard Sitting
US$ 385

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US$ 447

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US$ 134

"Bat Eared Fox"
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Bat Eared Fox
US$ 83

"Silver fox with koggelmander"
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Silver fox with koggelmander
US$ 99

"Lion Stalking"
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Lion Stalking
US$ 143

"Sitting Baboon"
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Sitting Baboon
US$ 340

"In Pursuit"
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In Pursuit
US$ 403

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US$ 197

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US$ 179

"Elephant Head"
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Elephant Head
US$ 94

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Renaldo Clifford Pols

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About Renaldo Clifford

Renaldo Clifford Pols

Renaldo Clifford Pols (Colonel: S.A. Air force) (Retired)

Born: 1948

About the artist:
S.A. Police November 1965 [0x1] October 1974. S.A. Police Museum 1968 -1974. S.A. Defence October 1974 February 1995. Head of sculpture section 1974 -1990. Officer commanding S.A. Defence shows and exhibitions 1990 -1995. New Signatures exhibition S.A. Association of Arts 1968. Part time diploma teachers training college majoring in sculpture under the mentorship of Jo Roos 1970-1972. Permanent exhibition of works at S.A. Police Museum 1969-1990. Part time apprenticeship Vignalis Bronze Foundry under the mentorship of Mr Gamberini (Master Founder) 1970 1972. Joint exhibition animal sculptures at the Association of Arts 1992.

1.) S.A. Defence National monument (Engineer corp 1976)
2.) Corporate miniatures of national monument 1976
3.) Corporate miniatures of Sarel Cilliers monument Kroonstad 1977
4.) S.A. Defence Orator trophy Socrates 1978
5.) Life size figure sculpture used at national shows and exhibitions 1977 1989
6.) Sculptures at S.A. Defence national shows and exhibitions 1976-1994
7.) Project leader : a.) State President[0x1]s premier trophy (Horse) 1981
b.) Military Academy monument (Saldanha) 1983
c.) Monument S.A. Defence parachute battalion Bloemfontein 1985
d.) Monument to the fallen Middelburg military base 1986
e.) S.A. Defence [0x1]Cheff of the year trophy 1987
Retired from S.A. Defence 1995

Price Range

US$ 83-716


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