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Gary Frier - Similar Similarities - the Glance | Portrait Art Fine Art
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Gary Frier - "Similar Similarities - the Glance"

"Similar Similarities - the Glance"

Similar Similarities - the Glance
Mixed Media, US$ 56

Similar Similarities - the Glance

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Mixed Media

W: 270mm x H: 390mm
W: 11" x H: 15"

Approx. Weight: 0.25kg

This work is unframed


US$ 56


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About "Similar Similarities - the Glance"

The title refers to concepts derived from fractal Geometry [0x1]which deals with the natural phenomena where structures share characteristics for example the vein of a leaf grows similar to a flowing river cutting into a landscape.
The body of works exhibited here form part of a collection, which plays with the sameness and difference that make up portraits. Originally done sporadically in sketchbooks taken from day to day observations of urban life.
These works started as an experiment in which I tried to find a figrative relationship between found portraits and experssionistic memories of faces.The works have no beginning or end unto themselves but are a type of stream of consciousness the meanders between figurative abstract and expressionistic styles. Similar to the experience of traveling through the day and recording experiences from moment to moment.
As well as traditional techniques of drawing and paintings I[0x1]ve also made use of masks to illustrate the ambiguous nature of revealing and hiding of personalities below the persona.
Words to keep in mind:
Whimsical - determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason
Frivolous - not serious in content or attitude or behavior
personableness - the complex of attributes that make a person socially attractive
persona - a personal facade that one presents to the world
fa[0xC3A7]ade - a showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant or the front of a building

Gary Frier

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About Gary

Gary Frier

"I believe that making art is a compulsive act of self expression that can only be realized through the collaborative act of creating and experiencing. Creating art for me is about constantly reflecting on my place in the reality. Using art to express a emotional and intellectual and tactile value, discovering how to distill and interpret my interaction with what surrounds me and documenting that personal relationship.

Price Range

US$ 45-3,580



His work is in many private collections in Africa, Europe, America and the U.K. and Asia

Public Collections: Peuple et Culture - Brest (France), Western Cape Department of Economic development South Africa.

National Art Museum Cape Town
National Art Museum (Oliewenhuis) Bloemfontein
Bertha Foundation
BP South Africa (Cape Town)
Joop van den Ende Theater productions - Holland, Embassy of USA, Nairobi
Bertha Foundation
Old mutual private investment
PricewaterhouseCoopers Cape Town
PPS Investments - Claremont
Benguela Cove Lagoon Coastal Wine Estate.


Zonnebloem Art centre,Cape Peninsula University of Technology

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