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Sarah Richards - Southern Tree Agama | Animals & Wildlife Art Original Art
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Sarah Richards - "Southern Tree Agama"

"Southern Tree Agama"

Southern Tree Agama
Bronze, US$ 866 823

Southern Tree Agama

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W: 350mm x H: 145mm x D: 120mm
W: 14" x H: 6" x D: 5"

Approx. Weight: 4.8kg

This work is unframed


US$ 823


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About "Southern Tree Agama"

I was inspired to create this sculpture after seeing these beautiful creatures sunning themselves on the palm trees outside my house in Durban.

Edition of 10, 7 available for purchase.

This charismatic creature is often seen sunning itself
on a tree or other prominent spots in the garden or
wilderness. It is a large lizard (20 -35cm) with a fat
belly, spiny body, narrow neck and well developed legs.
With closer inspection these reptiles seem to have
unusually long toes and wide strong looking jaws.
Females and juveniles have cryptic, lichen coloured
bodies with the breeding males displaying a
conspicuously bright cobalt blue head.

They feed on a diversity of small insects including
termites, but prefer flying insects.
In the summer months the females can lay between
4- 14 eggs in a small hole which they dig in the ground.
The eggs are then covered where they are left to
incubate by the heat of the sun hatching after about
90 days.

Tree Agamas are commonly found from the Eastern
Bushvelt down to the southern limits of coastal

Sarah Richards

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About Sarah

Sarah Richards

Sarah Richards is an established South African artist living in a country town called Balgowan, KwaZulu/Natal. Sarh specialises in bronze sculpture. I durable, versatile and valuable art medium which allows for intimate details and expressive gestures. Sarah subject matter varies from nature studies, South African birds and wild animals to figurative studies and portrait busts. She will also work on a commission basis or sell small edition works. From monumental sized artworks to small intimate desk sized works.

Price Range

US$ 866-7,473



-ArtSPACE Durban 29 August 2011 - Bronze sculpture and paintings - Further
-ArtSPACE Durban, February 2008,Masters Exhibition of Oil paintings - Forward


-Elegant Feathers - Bird Art Exhibition in Hoedpruit at Warren Cary Gallery. 24 May - 12 June 2019
-St.Lorient Fashion & Art Gallery - August 2015, Rooftop VII "The inner Child"
-Cherie de Villiers Gallery, Hyde Park Corner, Jhb - May 2013
-Inspirations exhibition of bronze sculpture, Hilton 2011
-Foundryman's Choice bronze sculpture, Paarl - 2009
-Group sculptor's exhibition, Groundcover - 2009
-Private Charity exhibitions - from 2009
-St Anne's College, Charity Fundraising exhibition, 2008


Masters in Fine Art- Durban University of Technology (DUT) 2008

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