The Wounded Gladiator The Wounded Gladiator Affordable Art 91327
Tienie Pritchard - The Wounded Gladiator | Contemporary Art Original Art
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Tienie Pritchard - "The Wounded Gladiator"

"The Wounded Gladiator"

The Wounded Gladiator
Bronze, US$ 9,050

The Wounded Gladiator

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W: 890mm x H: 450mm x D: 630mm
W: 35" x H: 18" x D: 25"

Approx. Weight: 30kg

This work is unframed


US$ 9,050


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About "The Wounded Gladiator"

Originating as funeral spectacles,gladiatorial games were seen as a demonstration (by the victorious gladiator) of the power to overcome death. This gladiator was victorious and received the palm leaf (sculpted at the back of the sculpture), but he was also mortally wounded. Clutching his wound, he is contemplating his fate.

Tienie Pritchard

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About Tienie

Tienie Pritchard

Tienie Pritchard: 1938-2021

The nude human form is the basis of my creative motivation. The human body is rich in associations and when it is turned into art, it can be expressive of a wide range of subjects. I strive to portray the evolution of the human mind by illustrating different cultures em mythologies and as well as historical figures re presenting different eras in history. The interconnectedness between man and animal is also a favourite theme, illustrating the spiritual kinship between man and animal.

Price Range

US$ 5,324-13,309



Solo exhibition at Lister Art Gallery 1774; Solo Exhibition 2008 at The Orient Boutique Hotel, Elandsfontein, Pretoria, Solo Exhibition 2013 at Marlute Art, Hartebeespoort. Too many group exhibitions to list; Retrospective solo exhibition at The Orient Boutique Hotel, Elandfontein, Petoria 2007; Solo exhibition with book launch at Marlute Art and Frames, Hartbees poort 2013; Permanent exhibition of a large collection of my works at The Tienie Pritchard Museum, Orient Boutique Hotel, Elandfontein, Pretoria



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