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Victoria Penfold - 97% Content | Contemporary Art Art Painting
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Victoria Penfold - "97% Content"

"97% Content"

97% Content
Oil on Canvas, US$ 234

97% Content

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Oil on Canvas

W: 485mm x H: 385mm x D: 15mm
W: 19" x H: 15" x D: 1"

This work is unframed


US$ 234


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About "97% Content"

The energy and quirkiness of this picture really bring it to life. The sexually ambivalent character in the work seems to have the knowledge that only experience can bring, and reflects some kind of meaningful presence. The fact that the eyes are muted in strips of vibrant blue and the wistful ‘flower n’ feathers’ gives the picture a care-free air which lends one to imagine the character in some sort of pleasing reverie or recollection that makes them appear almost completely content. Only the bizarre, and yet wonderfully quirky glass spider in the bottom left foreground give some indication that things are not maybe what they seem.

Victoria Penfold

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About Victoria

Victoria Penfold

I was born and schooled in Zimbabwe, only leaving when the economic climate necessitated a move in 2001. Since arriving in Cape Town I have had 2 children and started my own award winning eco-friendly nappy company called Bio-Baba. Growing up in Zimbabwe gave me a deep sense of appreciation for nature and my art often reflects my quirky relationship with the animals and people of Africa.

With no formal artist training, I joined the Debbie Field school of art in 2005 shortly after the death of my brother,
Justin, in the Asian tsunami of 2004 as a way of dealing with my grief.

Over the last 6 years my art has developed into an expressive style where people and creatures seem to burst out from the abstract background; simultaneously there and not really there; to me this is a way of stating the transient and interconnected nature of all things.

Price Range

US$ 234-254



"She is the Masterpiece" 17-23 Sept 2009
"Interesting Places" 18 - 28 March 2010


Rhodes University: Post Graduate Diploma Int. Studies

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