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Sue Hoppe - Abandoned Old Milling Building | Contemporary Art Art Painting
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Sue Hoppe - "Abandoned Old Milling Building"

"Abandoned Old Milling Building"

Abandoned Old Milling Building
Mixed Media, US$ 96

Abandoned Old Milling Building

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Mixed Media
paper, drawing, acrylics, charcoal, encaustic (melted wax)

W: 250mm x H: 250mm x D: 40mm
W: 10" x H: 10" x D: 2"

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 96


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About "Abandoned Old Milling Building"


Chess and Monopoly might seem like fun ways to pass time, but they are an indication of a much bigger picture. On many levels, from whole Nations, down to individuals, we are in a struggle to hold onto what we hold dear, while simultaneously dispossessing others (whether consciously or by default.)
This chessboard installation is made up of individual pieces, each telling a story of someone's life... maybe their home, land, wealth, poverty. Maybe an oppressive leader, a homeless bushman, someone whose shack is their castle, or whose castle is their prison, as they live behind bars to protect it. Maybe it is just a struggle to hold on to any hope, or dignity. Or maybe it is life in a comfortable bubble, largely unaware of the tug-of-war we are all part of.
In South Africa now, with cries of "White Monopoly Capital", "Give back the land", "crime is so bad", and the daily cacophony of voices trying to be heard, all this is coming into sharp focus again. Where does each of us fit into this bigger picture?
In the same way, the individual works in this installation form a big picture, 'a cacophony of voices trying to be heard'. But, as each of us does in our lives, they also stand alone, with their own unique story to tell. So, each is for sale individually. You might want just one, or a line, a group, a cluster, to tell their stories apart from the larger group.
Titles are on the back of each work. They are all part of DISPOSSESSION GAMES, but their personal stories become more evident when we single them out from the group and find out who they are as individuals. They have been made using many different media and techniques, yet what unites them is the encaustic... hot wax melted into them. They have all been through the fire, so to speak.

Sue Hoppe

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About Sue

Sue Hoppe

I love expressing my reaction to what I see around me in bold loose brushstrokes and vibrant colours, sometimes abstract, sometimes not! My themes and the way I express them vary widely, but I am preoccupied with the plight of women and children in Africa, and a love for architecture and nature also feature often. I used to work mainly in oils, but also use photography and collage to express ideas. The latest series of work uses encaustic. The melted wax brings a wonderful dimension of transparency and texture to the work.

Price Range

US$ 58-1,169



Ceramics: between 1985 and 1990, many group exhibions at regional and National level with APSA.
Ceramics: October 1990 Solo at Eastern Cape Society of Fine Arts
Photography: 1999 solo at Creative Designs Gallery, Port Elizabeth
Painting: 2002-now many Group Exhibitions (both open and ajudicated) at Blyth Fine Art, Cuyler Street, artEC/EPSAC, the Athenaeum Nelson Mandela Bay, Rick Bekker, Montage, Kuhne Boekkooi and Lipschitz Gallery in Plettenberg Bay, Leisure Isle Gallery in Knysna and VOA in Cape Town.
May 2006 Solo at Kuhne Boekkooi Gallery, PE
June 2007 Solo at Kuhne Boekkooi Gallery, PE
October 2007 Solo at Anne Bryant Art Gallery, East London
Feb 2008 Historic Port Elizabeth at EPSAC, PE
March 2008 War and Peace at Cuyler Street Gallery, PE
Nov 2009 4 Women at EPSAC, PE with Esme Goosen, Rina Badenhorst and Roma Cloete.
International painting Exhibition 2010 at Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.
June/July 2012: Alone:together with Jimmy Ndlovu and Ayanda Mji at National Arts Festival in Grahamstown
March 2013: on the (t)horns of a dilemma, Protecting what we value at artEC with Dorelle Sapere.
June/July 2013: Alone:together Again with Jimmy Ndlovu, Litha Ncokazi and Ayanda Mji at National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.
June/July 2014: Don't Fence me in at National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.
June/July 2015: Locking Horns with Earth and Sky with Donve Branch and Stephanie Liebetrau at National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.
June/July 2016: UnLocking Horns with Donve Branch and Stephanie Liebetrau at National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.
June/July 2017: UnLocking Horns with Donve Branch and Stephanie Liebetrau at National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.
2019/2020 Prince Albert Open Studios

Featured in book "Art and Artists of the Eastern Cape" published by MBDA, 2011
Work in many private and corporate collections both in SA and overseas, including the World Bank and William Humphreys Art Gallery in Kimberley.


Geology, Maths, chemistry, also diploma in ceramic science

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