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Eric Möller

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"Triffidius Casablanca"
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Triffidius Casablanca
US$ 1,209

"Pendulatus Nigris"
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Pendulatus Nigris
US$ 1,273

"Submarinus Vitae"
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Submarinus Vitae
US$ 1,209

"Micro-Asterus Fabulae"
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Micro-Asterus Fabulae
US$ 1,082

"Nymphae Solaris"
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Nymphae Solaris
US$ 764

"Mamilus Volupte"
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Mamilus Volupte
US$ 891

"Nikita as Neptune"
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Nikita as Neptune
US$ 1,146

"Summers of my Youth"
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Summers of my Youth
US$ 891

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US$ 1,209

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US$ 1,018

"Rock Pool"
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Rock Pool
US$ 1,528

"Who Would Break a Butterfly on a Wheel?"
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Who Would Break a Butterfly on a Wheel?
US$ 764

"The New Venus"
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The New Venus
US$ 827

"The Monday Before"
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The Monday Before
US$ 764

"Nicki with the Big Blues"
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Nicki with the Big Blues
US$ 1,528

"Moth to a Flame"
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Moth to a Flame
US$ 1,146

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Eric Möller

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About Eric

Eric Möller

(Clearer IMAGES OF ARTWORKS on Facebook.Search: Eric Moller - Visual Artist.)
Eric Moller is a painter, sculptor, writer and art teacher who lives and works in Pretoria. He was born and grew up in Mossel Bay on the beautiful Garden Route coastline.

His works are bold, colourful celebrations of vital life-forces, growth, passion and experience. Humans and the natural world feature strongly in his work; often they appear together - sometimes in harmony and sometimes in opposition. At times his imagery is precise and highly realistic; at other times there is a sense of dissolution and the world we know becomes an abstraction in which only intellect and emotion remain. Oftentimes the works transcend reality and become dream-images; laden with symbolism and open-ended questions.

Moller's themes and inspirations are as widely varied as his stylistic approach, but overall they are about Nature and Human Life, about Primordial Forces that create and rule the world and drive us all. This may include a study of geological forces and phenomena, an insight gained from the way things grow and evolve, a tongue-in-cheek observation of flowers in erotic display and a raunchy indulgence in human sexuality.
Moreover, his works are about how these things affect him and his life.

In recent times he introduced one of his other passions into his painting: photography.
In this marriage of visual genres the final artwork appears as a combine of sorts. A photographic image is first printed on canvas and then the rest of the image is painted in around this. Often it is done so delicately that it becomes close to impossible to see where one ends and the other begins. Other times Moller will deliberately emphasise the obvious textural differences between the two. This brings out a dynamic interplay of light and colour, imbuing the work with an unexpected life of its own.

Eric Moller has works in private and corporate collections in South Africa, England, Canada, Australia, Germany, The United States, The Netherlands and Singapore.

Price Range

US$ 204-5,092



2015 "Private Sessions" Solo (Westlake Estate), S.A.
2012 "Then, Now, In Between" Solo (Crocodile Cradle, Broederstroom, S.A.)
2012 South African Publication of "86 Days in the City of Lights"
2011 "City of Lights" Solo and Book Launch, Association of Arts, Pretoria
2011 International publication of "86 Days in The City of Lights" - an account of his experiences in Paris.
2009 and 2010 Finalist PPC Young Sculptors Competition, Pretoria
2009 "St Sebastian II" Group. Association of Arts, Pretoria
2008/09 Residency: Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France
2008 "Celebrate the Artist" Group (Centurion Art Gallery, Pta)
2008 "Innie Bos" Group (Nelspruit)
2008 "Footsteps and Fingerprints" Solo (Association of Arts, Pretoria)
2007 Miniatures Exhibition. Group (Gordart Gallery, Johannesburg)
2007 "Bondage" Group. Sexpo (Gallhager Estate, Midrand)
2007 "Reach for a Dream" Group. (National Cultural Museum, Pta)
2007 "St Sebastian" Group. (Association of Arts, Pta)
2007 Members' Exhibition, Association of Arts (Pta)
2006 "Juxtapose" Group. (Alette Wessels Gallery, Pta)
2006 "Jacaranda Festival" Group. (Alette Wessels Gallery, Pta)
2006 "Flora Fabula 2" Solo. (Fairview Lodge, Tzaneen)
2005 "Flora Fabula" Solo. (Voir Gallery - Brooklyn, Pretoria)
2004 Cinema Noveau. Solo. (Rosebank, Johannesburg)
2004 Cinema Noveau. Solo. (Brooklyn, Pretoria.)
2003 "earthairwaterfire" Solo. (Go-Ra Gallery, Johannesburg.)
2003 "Untamed Art" Group. (Manor Gallery, Johannesburg)
2002 Knysna Arts Experience - "Sudden Waves & Slow Motions - Phase II" Solo. (Knysna)
2002 "Obsession" Group exhibition of erotic art. (Johannesburg.)
2002 "Sudden Waves and Slow Motions - Three years of love" Solo. (Go-Ra Gallery, Johannesburg.)
2001 "Ambient Trade Fair" Group. (Frankfurt, Germany.)
1995 "Angels in Our Time" Group. (Huckleberry's, Pretoria.)


University of Pretoria

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