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Frans Boekkooi

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"Karoo Angel"
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Karoo Angel
US$ 4,169

"Stokstert Meerkat"
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Stokstert Meerkat
US$ 1,172

"Steve Newman"
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Steve Newman
US$ 2,207

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US$ 2,409

"Skye the Scottie"
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Skye the Scottie
US$ 1,135

"Give and Take"
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Give and Take
US$ 2,289

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US$ 4,153

"Favourite Dress"
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Favourite Dress
US$ 954

"Four Seasons"
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Four Seasons
US$ 3,461

"Long Walk"
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Long Walk
US$ 3,679

"Higher Education "
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Higher Education
US$ 4,153

"Inner Play"
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Inner Play
US$ 2,384

"Visman Steier"
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Visman Steier
US$ 4,264

"Der Lehrer"
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Der Lehrer
US$ 2,997

"Andante Andante"
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Andante Andante
US$ 2,589

"Woz Haponin"
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Woz Haponin
US$ 1,319

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Frans Boekkooi

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About Frans

Frans Boekkooi

"My sculptures feed off the nostalgia of innocent times, lost in thought or activity. Sometimes they even embody the thoughts or pictures born in a moment but every piece has meaning. To me, at least, they speak.

Price Range

US$ 305-13,107



Frans Boekkooi was introduced to sculpture at the age of fourteen and won his first major sculpture award (ATKV) at sixteen. He received the ‘Best on Show’ Award at the 2000 EPSAC Annual Exhibition. His work features in collections in the UK, US, Australia, China and Holland, as well as the Presidents Collection. Frans is a sought-after commissioned artist who works from ideas and / or photographs to the client’s specifications and achieves an astounding likeness to the subject. Among his clients are architects, interior designers, corporate buyers and art lovers who want an exclusive and personal work of art. He lives in Nieu Bethesda, a small village in the Karoo, South Africa.


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