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Nicky Walker - Blind Guitar Man Cape Town 2011 | Portrait Art World Art
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Nicky Walker - "Blind Guitar Man Cape Town 2011"

"Blind Guitar Man Cape Town 2011"

Blind Guitar Man Cape Town 2011
Oil on Canvas, US$ 321

Blind Guitar Man Cape Town 2011

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Oil on Canvas

W: 455mm x H: 660mm x D: 25mm
W: 18" x H: 26" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 321


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About "Blind Guitar Man Cape Town 2011"

A Blind Guitar Man busking around Greenmarket Square Cape Town
that I have seen on passing through on many a working weekday at the mercy of visiting tourist to earn his keep religiously he does.

Nicky Walker

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About Nicky

Nicky Walker

His art has the subjective notion rather than being eminent of contemporary inhibitions. Significantly in respect of, the artist Nicky Walker has favoured of recent works an animated commentation whereas applicable to subject a motion before or after, therefore leaving an open line for the viewer to a style that has emerged from the advertant renaissance appreciated to his ability which the artist regards as the most significant adjector and factor to his work, and to his impervious mind control for the discerned enthuasist abid critique.
Born early March 1961,
in the Mother City, Cape Town South Africa.
Nicky showed talent having the ability to draw naturally in his primary school years illustrating drawings on the blackboard for the teacher and fellow pupils, though never did have Art as a subject, he of his own accord, knowingly being an artist has studied overall the history of art, and to this date is in pursue of the the simplicity that bares the visual splendour to his works.
1978, having met Vladimir Tretchikoff (the world known Russian Artist since passed on), in Cape Town at his home in Bishopscourt, after the introduction by his school science teacher, John Assad of Boys Town Magaliesburg, then of
where Nicky matriculated; Nicky has and will always admire the secrets that Tretchicoff displayed in his works, though known as 'kitsch' then, but a fine art through the ages and will always memoir that he shook the hand of a prolific artist Vladimir Tretchicoff, by the same token as Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci historically in admiration of.
Hence, Nicky has since dedicated an art piece entitled Tretchicoff's Pigeon's Luck 1978-2009, Oils on Self Stretched Canvas, added to his Gallery page 21 August 2009.

These are the artists that Nicky has appreciated his God given talent from, with his visual aspirations hereto.
By words in a creed of which he grew up forth into this
world, he to all of art reiterates "that is seen and unseen",
to these words holds unprecedented appreciation of all
artistic creations through the ages and to the future.

Nicky's Motto & quote of Art:
"In Art we render Creation,
in Creation we give life"
Nicky Walker 1961- Copyright.
...and so of Art as explained in theory, we use
space and apply matter as the first ingredients for
visual substance or imagery, from there subject or object appear where in our mind's eye a story and emotion takes
on the effect of the visual state.

" virtae" God has given us everlasting sight.


Price Range

US$ 84-2,752



West Rand Festival of Arts 1980, Awarded Silver, Bronze and
Commended First Place in Open Division.

First Commemerative
Solo Exhibition
Nazareth House Cape Town
20-21 May 2011


Matric 1979

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