Bright Future - With Love and Care 1 Bright Future - With Love and Care 1 Affordable Art 68225
Mariana van Zyl - Bright Future - With Love and Care 1 | Landscape Art Fine Art
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Mariana van Zyl - "Bright Future - With Love and Care 1"

"Bright Future - With Love and Care 1"

Bright Future - With Love and Care 1
Oil on Canvas, US$ 557

Bright Future - With Love and Care 1

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Oil on Canvas

W: 900mm x H: 1250mm
W: 35" x H: 49"

Approx. Weight: 10kg

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 557


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About "Bright Future - With Love and Care 1"

I love all the beauty in life and sometimes I realize how precious time is, we losing so much of the loving moments in this busy world. And then suddenly they all had grown up!!

Mariana van Zyl

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About Mariana

Mariana van Zyl

My passion is wildlife and people, I believe that we have to conserve, protect and care for our wildlife, and by doing wildlife paintings I feel that I am doing my bid for conservation. We are so blessed living in South Africa with our abundance of wildlife that we as the human race have to protect them, for the future generations.

But on the other hand, we as the human race is not that divert from the wildlife, we do need to be loved, protected and care for just as much.

My inspiration comes from the love with in me. While I am painting I am in my own world! In all my paintings there is a part of me! Bits and pieces of my soul, the passion and love for what I am doing, and I know that the person looking at my art can feel and experience the passion behind it.
I cannot ask for better therapy. I love what I am doing…..

WHAT IS ART? ?art is such a large part of our everyday lives, we hardly even stop to think about it. Just look around you, right this minute. Someone had to design that. It is art. Your shoes are art. Your coffee cup is art. All functional design, well done, is art. I believe that "Art is something that is) aesthetically pleasing to the eye and in your hart you know that it must be part of your life, no matter what is it, a paintings, coffee table, the pen that you sign your name with. Treasure IT, because art is preaches and beautiful!!!

Price Range

US$ 139-690


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