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Russell Potgieter - Changing Seasons | Abstract Art World Art
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Russell Potgieter - "Changing Seasons"

"Changing Seasons"

Changing Seasons
Acrylic, US$ 353

Changing Seasons

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W: 890mm x H: 735mm x D: 20mm
W: 35" x H: 29" x D: 1"

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 353


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About "Changing Seasons"

This abstract landscape is intended to encompasses the mood of a powerful yet sensitive expression of Africa .

Russell Potgieter

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About Russell

Russell Potgieter

Not what man knows but what man feels,concerns art.All else is science. Bernard Berenson 1897
I am inspired by the living form, colour and texture and love the freedom of uninhibited" expression.
My work represents a mix of both a left and right brained approach to art.
My academic influence forces a left-brain idea. Once I pick up a brush I become like a naughty child and defy my recognized order of works.
As a South African Artist, I recognise a close connection with nature and indeed the Universe.
In my opinion is that it is necessary to step out my personal shadow, after which anything can happen, and as such,I create orderly abstract realism. I hope my viewers see it with an additional element of spirituality.
My approach to Art, is to create a unique viewpoint to South African Art, knowing full well that what I start of with, is not necessary what I finish with.
The viewer's experience of my work is one that will reflect a feeling of space and mood instead of cognitively recognizing specific places or things:
"One gets the sense of other worldly and mysterious adventures, something of which is beyond our daily experience." My subject matter of which is often found in everyday life and the beauty of Mother Nature.
I love colour. I also love the emotional influence and reflection that colour provides.
To this extent I enjoy exploring new colour combinations which come from the natural world.
I love the fact that my process of art making and colour exploration is a form of my own meditation-the results of which create an awakening of the viewers imagination. This in turn creates a chance to connect with their quiet, contemplative inner self.
My buyers and indeed supporters are located worldwide extending to Alaska and which is based on both commissions and completed works.
In most instances my paintings are prepared and created using the formula of planning like a tortoise and painting like a hare.
The outcome is driven by the equilibrium of my natural mindset.
My Mind's eye takes over once I have absorbed the subject of my art.
I don't fight the process.
My references range is from fantasy images to reality photos.
What you get from me is a truly South African interpretation of over 3 decades of life in this beautiful country.
My driving force is the response that I get with the overwhelming response from my patrons, the quality of which is both energizing and exciting.

Price Range

US$ 177-883



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