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Freda Hayward - Clouds #1 | Landscape Art Fine Art
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Freda Hayward - "Clouds #1"

"Clouds #1"

Clouds #1
Oil on Canvas, US$ 64

Clouds #1

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Oil on Canvas

W: 300mm x H: 300mm x D: 35mm
W: 12" x H: 12" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 0.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 64


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About "Clouds #1"

The clouds where I live. The trees, the grasses and the natural surrounding and my ever present urge to paint.

Freda Hayward

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About Freda

Freda Hayward

My name is Freda Hayward, my age is irrelevant. I am a obviously a artist but have always been to modest to actually say that. My parfume is Tupentine, and my clothes are paint stained. My cuticles have different colours and my hands are working hands. I have been passionate about art all my life, producing and selling my art at the tender age of 13. I studied at Johannesburg School of Art and thereafter mainly self taught. I have painted in various mediums but always
return to my favorite oils. I try to work with a free spirit and keep Picasso's Quote
in mind, 'Art is the elimination of the unnecessary'. I sell most of my work
privately and through the media. My inspiration is the smell of genuine turps, oil
paint and colors, other artist's work and then my own beautiful garden; roses, Hydrangeas, Arums and much more. I am happily retired and have downscaled
my home and garden, but the upside is that I am able to spend more time
painting. I currently live in Limpopo and still dream of living in a cottage by the
sea. I believe one should never stop dreaming, planning and hoping. My
paintings are an expression of my love of nature, my prices are reasonable and
as long as I can keep painting, I am happy.

Price Range

US$ 48-769



Local and in the vicinity along with other local artists.


Self Taught

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