Cosmic Clock - Helix Nebula Cosmic Clock - Helix Nebula Affordable Art 97904
Afeefa B Alam - Cosmic Clock - Helix Nebula | Surrealist Art Art Painting
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Afeefa B Alam - "Cosmic Clock - Helix Nebula"

"Cosmic Clock - Helix Nebula"

Cosmic Clock - Helix Nebula
Oil on Board, US$ 95

Cosmic Clock - Helix Nebula

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Oil on Board
oil on canvas board framed

W: 500mm x H: 400mm x D: 20mm
W: 20" x H: 16" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 0.9kg

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)




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About "Cosmic Clock - Helix Nebula"

This painting was done for the 2015 Chinese New Year, the Year of the Wooden Ram (Wei). A new year brings with it a sense of time and place ;a chance for reviewing the past; and for looking forward to the future. For us here on Spaceship Earth our familiar Time Keepers are the Sun and the Moon. And when I came across the NASA image of the Helix Nebula it reminded me a giant wristwatch and also of a large eye. And I began to think of time on a cosmic level. Is the whole universe the gigantic insides of a cosmic clock? How much time do we have to live? How much time after we die? Will time be the same? Will our time here have any effect on our time beyond the body barrier? Is God watching us? Is the clock ticking ever faster to the countdown of death? Is time real? Is it even linear or do we simply perceive it that way? Is it like the helix a double spiral? Is that what "de ja vu" is? Glimpses through time across the spiral? All questions also of past and future. Life and death. Like a New Year. New beginnings built on the foundations of past life. So this painting represents all these questions to me and many more. Tick tock!

Afeefa B Alam

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About Afeefa B

Afeefa B Alam

Firstly my work celebrates the beauty that is constantly around us. It is homage to THE Creator; an appreciation for all that He has created. I encourage the viewer to "stop and stare" instead of rushing past in life's rat race. Secondly my work is an outlet for my own emotions; a psychological cleansing catharsis and mirror. The subject of any given work is multi- layerd. The moods and undercurrents represent my own internal preoccupations,anxieties and hopes; much of which I am unaware of until I've completed a piece and can see it reflected on the canvas. A common thread that runs through my work is my fascination with light. I love to explore the way it changes everything it touches and how the mood and atmosphere of a piece is totally reliant on the light.I am attracted to the natural world for subject matter, sky, sea, space, botanical flora and fungi amongst others. As a personal principal I refuse to accept that anything is impossible nor do I accept the limitations of human senses as being a definitive criteria for what exists and what doesn't! I like exploring the possibilities of "what ifs" and alternate realities and timelines, painted realisticaly as if they do exist.

Price Range

US$ 64-204



Exhibitions at Longstreet Art Lovers 1932 Gallery in Pretoria
2015- Annual Miniature Group Exhibition
2015- Subculture Group Exhibition (curated by Mignon Modema)
2015- Year of the Wooden Ram - Chinese New Year Exhibition
2015- ABC's of Life Group Exhibition (curated by Ildiko Phol)
2014- Christmas Group Exhibition
2014- Annual Miniature Exhibition
2014- Roald Dhal Literary Group Exhibition

Newcastle - Art In the Park
2013 - demonstrated and exhibited
2012 - exhibited

2012- 1st Prize Drawing Category-Bohemia Arts Competition -Vryheid
2011- 3rd Prize Art- Natal Museum "Celebrating 150yrs of Indians In SA" competition

Public Collections
-Natal Museum
Corporate and Private Collections
-D'Bete Finacials Johannesburg
-Flat Glass and Windscreens Dundee
-many private homes in KZN and Gauteng


Largely self taught

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