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Keith Joubert - Duba Series II | Animals & Wildlife Art Modern Art
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Keith Joubert - "Duba Series II"

"Duba Series II"

Duba Series II
Oil on Canvas, US$ 5,799

Duba Series II

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Oil on Canvas

W: 1010mm x H: 760mm
W: 40" x H: 30"

This work is unframed


US$ 5,799 SOLD


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Everard Read Gallery

Keith Joubert

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About Keith

Died 2013

Keith Joubert has spent a lifetime examining Africa's magnificent natural history. His fascination ranges from the minutiae of micro-organisms to the wonder of our greater land mammals, encompassing the interface of tribal people living traditional lifestyles within their immediate environment. The cycles of harmony and conflict woven into this natural fabric are a recurring theme in his work.

Price Range

US$ 5,510-16,277



2010 Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg
2007 Tryon Gallery, London, England
2007 Everard Read Cape Town & Johannesburg
2006 Everard Read Johannesburg
2005 Art London with Tryon Gallery
2004 Tryon Gallery london England
2002 Stremmel Gallery, Reno,USA
2001 Everard Read Johannesburg
2000 Tryon Gallery London
1999 Everard Read Johannesburg
1998 Tryon Gallery London
1994 Everard Read Johannesburg
1993 SA Embassy Abidjan Ivory Coast
1992 Sappi & WWF Birds of Waterways of SA toured SA & UK
1990 Musee De La Chasse Paris France
1987 Stremmel Gallery San Antonio Texas
1985 Everard Read Johannesburg
1982 SA Association of Arts Johannesburg
1981 SA Association of Arts Johannesburg
1979 Harrods London
1999 Everard Read Johannesburg
1998 Tryon Gallery London


Johannesburg School of Art

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