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Carola James - Emerald and Sapphire | Abstract Art Modern Art
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Carola James - "Emerald and Sapphire"

"Emerald and Sapphire"

Emerald and Sapphire
Acrylic, US$ 166 149

Emerald and Sapphire

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Acrylic fluid paint

W: 460mm x H: 610mm x D: 15mm
W: 18" x H: 24" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 0.7kg

This work is unframed


US$ 149


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Emerald and Sapphire

About "Emerald and Sapphire"

This painting was done by what is called a 'dirty cup' technique shades of blue and green where poured on the canvas and this is the result.

Carola James

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About Carola

Carola James

About me

I had an interest and love for painting and drawing since my early childhood days. Once I became an adult my creative streak was kept dormant. There was no time in a busy adult world. Living in a hectic world, with a full time job, lots of responsibilities and long working hours just made it impossible to be creative. Now that I am retired art has become my passion again. I started with watercolour and moved to acrylic paints and loved the bright and brilliant colours but when I started with fluid art, acrylic abstract pour paintings, I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I fell in love with this fascinating form of expression because every painting is a challenge. Acrylic pour paintings are abstract arts with no specific reality. No tools or brushes are used, fluid paints are poured directly onto the canvas to move and blend around to tell their own story. The artist never knows beforehand what the result or the outcome of the painting will be. It is this unpredictable magic that makes every painting so unique, no matter what, it can never be re-created, there will always be only one of a kind. All my paintings are original, some of my pours have a unique cell formation and some have a textured surface, this is due to chemical reactions of the fluid paint mixes and mediums.
It is natural for pour paintings to have paint overflow on the sides of the canvas. All my paintings have protective varnish coatings and are signed on the side or back of the canvas. My paintings are unframed which leaves the new owner the choice to hang it as is or have it framed with a frame of their own choice. Paintings can be hung vertical or horizontal, there is no top or bottom side, hang it the way you like it.
My wish is that my art will bring much joy to wherever it finds a permanent home.
In Situ images of my artworks are available on request, this is to get an idea of the artwork against a wall in a room.

Price Range

US$ 124-259




Self Taught

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