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Elaine Goodheart - Fantasy Landscape 3 | Seascapes Original Art
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Elaine Goodheart - "Fantasy Landscape 3"

"Fantasy Landscape 3"

Fantasy Landscape 3
Acrylic on Canvas, US$ 107

Fantasy Landscape 3

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Acrylic on Canvas

W: 400mm x H: 303mm
W: 16" x H: 12"

This work is unframed


US$ 107


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Elaine Goodheart

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About Elaine

Elaine Goodheart

My personal journey with art thus far has been one of self discovery, healing & spiritual transformation. Ever since completing my first canvas painting in 2006 I have wanted to do nothing else but indulge in my greatest passion, for the beautiful gift of creating something out of nothing, is akin to being at one with the Divine, the greatest Creator of all.

I am currently willing to take on any commissioned work within my personal skill set, collaborating the personal ideas & desires of the client with my own artistic vision & intuition. I have given away many of my paintings as gifts from my heart to the people I love, have sold a few but not nearly enough to earn a sustainable income for my daughters and myself, though that is my goal if it is at all possible in a country that is sports mad but does little to support and endorse promotion of arts and culture when it comes to individuals that do not necessarily have the means and funds to obtain impressive degrees or further political or other profitable agendas...I will leave it at that lest I get myself into trouble! I enjoy experimenting with unusual colour combinations & challenging conventional painting practices in the same way that I challenge all the structures and systems put in place by a patriarchal society that makes little or no sense to someone like myself. So long as it harms none, break all the rules and just strive to be your own best version of yourself I rate!

In my customized soul portraits I strive to capture the essence of the subject's spirit, in order to give the piece a unique and magickal quality, I am able to intuitively do this via photographs.

In my fantasy works I have explored both the dark & lighter sides of the psyche, fully knowing that the one cannot exist without the other, just as yin cannot exist without yang. Life isn't all just "fluffy Love & Light", but, there is so much beauty to be found through our suffering and darkness. Only through bravely facing and even embracing our deepest shadow aspects, can we eliminate our worst enemy, FEAR, which is the source of all that is wrong with our world. We have to intimately have known the darkness in order to fully come into the Light, as any shaman (or nut house veteran, depending on ones culture!) knows all too well.

As an intuitive artist and future teacher (yes that is the plan!) it is my desire to reveal that which lays dormant and hidden - in both myself and the viewer. Very often, an artwork that is most disquieting to an individual is the very image that has the most to offer in terms of personal transformation, just as the maligned "death" card in the tarot in fact heralds great new beginnings.

My immediate goal currently is to find the ways and means to get an oracle deck published using existing artworks of mine as both symbolic and experiential imagery to be used and explored by other intuitives as well, as a connective tool for healing and divination purposes with clients, much like conventional tarot cards but these will cover a plethora of archetypal lessons and experiences unique and specific to those who resonate with my vibe (any Blue Rays and other Star Seeds in the house?)

My ultimate goal with my artwork is to inspire, plant new seeds, nurture existing ones, and make more favorable and desirable possibilities, realms and experiences accessible to all those who dare to believe...yes wishes and dreams DO come true, in fact they already exist in the continuum.

"Anything & everything that anyone can think of or imagine at any given moment, exists somewhere & sometime in Creation..."

Price Range

US$ 74-1,190



I am not affiliated with any gallery at present for personal reasons...lets just say I WILL NOT compromise artistic integrity & soul evolution through art for the sake of bureaucratic capitalism & boring conformity! (that's the revolutionary and rebel in me talking!)

Had 2 page feature in first edition of on-line Cape Town magazine "Exhibit" and have participated in various self-organised group exhibitions in Cape Town.


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