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Anthony Holmes - Humans Have Crowned Themselves King | Portrait Art Fine Art
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Anthony Holmes - "Humans Have Crowned Themselves King"

"Humans Have Crowned Themselves King"

Humans Have Crowned Themselves King
Mixed Media, US$ 1,256

Humans Have Crowned Themselves King

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Mixed Media

W: 900mm x H: 1140mm x D: 25mm
W: 35" x H: 45" x D: 1"

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 1,256


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About "Humans Have Crowned Themselves King"

Humankind and our impact on this Planet
Human-kind[0x1]. "Kind" being a sick joke!!! There is nothing kind about us, we have killed, tortured, eaten, destroyed, murdered, maimed and experimented on almost every fellow species on this planet, and continue to do so. We have put ourselves in charge and built a false throne and crowned our selves king, we now sit in judgement and rule using the laws we have written, and these laws of clause favour us[0x1].they give us the right to continue destroying. If we disagree with these laws there will be organisations, groups, and intellectuals that will push countless documents and books in front of us proving they are right, and of clause it is all there, we have read it, heard it and seen it all before. But does it make it right? Well my answer to this is, look at what we have done and continue to do[0x1].it is staring us in the face, nature is flexing its muscles and telling us it can't take much more, we have upset the balance and are now in the "catch 22" situation (see drawing Catch 22). Nature must shudder when it sees us coming over the horizon walking along the path, as we walk we break, kill, litter and pollute, when we stop and sit for a bit the circle of destruction gets bigger, when we decide to settle and build a home it is devastating. How many Spiders, Ants, Wasps, and Snakes etc do we simply kill because they have entered our space "garden or home"?
Our soul purpose in life seems to be to procreate, make little clones of ourselves. Our natural instinct is such. Our only real need is Food and Water, anything more than that is simple greed.
The minute we are born we start polluting, we leave this trail of destruction and filth behind us, as we move forward we eat and destroy our way through whatever is in our way, when we look behind us the trail of garbage, death, and filth is plain to see. The problem? Quite simply there are too many people. The big question at the moment is what do we do? Well the unrealistic solution is to get rid of humans and the world will simply recover, the only other solution is to stop breeding at the rate we have been, and lastly we seriously need to change our ways and realise that we are dangerously greedy.
I write this knowing that all who read it will relate to some of the points but will probably not act on any of them, it is simply too hard and will take too much effort. So my friends we all suffer together, Will we destroy this planet and all our fellow creatures, is this our nature?

Anthony Holmes

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About Anthony

Anthony Holmes

Life is reality, art is fantasy, without fantasy what is life? Ant. Holmes

Price Range

US$ 61-3,425



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Demonstrations and Talks
Nov 2009: Paint and Palette art group Portraits and figure demo.

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