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Lenten der Mond - Less is Better 4 | Still Life Fine Art
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Lenten der Mond - "Less is Better 4"

"Less is Better 4"

Less is Better 4
Acrylic, US$ 67

Less is Better 4

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W: 225mm x H: 305mm x D: 5mm
W: 9" x H: 12" x D:

Approx. Weight: 0.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 67


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About "Less is Better 4"

It is left for the imagination of the viewer to receive the meaning in his / her own mind. using as little as possible, I wanted to express as much as possible. We each have our own view of what we see and how a picture speak to our subconscious.
When I did this I had the urge to do something other than what I am use to. Though the symbolism is not as bold as in the other portraits that I have done, this feel complete in what I wanted to bring across to the onlooker.
Think outside the box, let your mind go, and appreciate what your soul is telling you. Have fun

Lenten der Mond

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About Lenten

Lenten der Mond

I want to create a sense of scrutiny and inquisitiveness, for the spectator to think outside the box, to detect more than the depiction in front of him. I crave to connect to people in a divine manner, to make way to self discovery while exploring beyond the palpable.

My first painting was done in 2012, imminent from a dream. I always loved to draw and fooling around with material paint, but never gave thought of doing it on canvas - or if I am honest to myself.....Had the guts to do so

My inspiration is an emotional response to what I experience in life. By directing it on canvas I am able to portray what I experience to a more universal language. I find symbolism a great tool to portray my inner feelings, and yet it still enables me to disguise the harshness of some emotions.

The symbolism of color as well as the objects used in all the portraits' enhance the meaning beyond the palpable, and only after realising what the true meaning are, beyond what you see, you will be able to understand the intrigue in the true objective.

Every canvas I do is based on a specific person, or life experience. While I was discovering what I wanted to do, I distanced myself from the portraits, selecting other people to be represented. I looked at famous people, and rather portrayed them, than showing myself. It was only when I became more relaxed and gained more confidence that I was willing to bring it closer to home.

Price Range

US$ 67-447



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