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Xaviera von Molendorff - Protea Kings | Contemporary Art
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Xaviera von Molendorff - "Protea Kings"

"Protea Kings"

Protea Kings
Acrylic on Canvas, US$ 148

Protea Kings

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Acrylic on Canvas
Pencil Shading

W: 501mm x H: 760mm x D: 20mm
W: 20" x H: 30" x D: 1"

This work is unframed


US$ 148


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About "Protea Kings"

These beautiful Proteas gave me a feeling of contentment. Being content with life and everything that goes with it. They grow in our stunning mountains, enduring rain, thunderstorms, extreme cold and warm weather. but still they grow to be the most beautiful flowers handling life with all of it's flaws. They remind me of how we should be handing life's hard slaps en still be standing after it all. Gotta love Proteas

Xaviera von Molendorff

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About Xaviera

Xaviera von Molendorff

I have loved art since I can remember. Always drawing, painting or making something. I have always loved art with a bit of nature in it. I have never created an art piece that is "perfect". I love abstract art in which ever way, plainly because I don't see life or myself as perfect, but as an abstract art piece put together as life goes on, creating something beautiful at the end. Our family lives in the Karoo, Western Cape where we have so much that inspires us. Our nature here is so beautiful like no other with different types of Aloe plants everywhere you go. I use our beautiful nature, earth smells and colors to inspire my work. My home, my paint and brushes, and I am one happy woman.

Price Range

US$ 71-337


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