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Liza Theron - "Protective Fantasy Bird"

"Protective Fantasy Bird"

Protective Fantasy Bird
Mixed Media, US$ 120

Protective Fantasy Bird

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Mixed Media
Rough textured handmade paper with acrylic paint & other

W: 430mm x H: 600mm
W: 17" x H: 24"

Approx. Weight: 0.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 120


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Mixed Medium10

About "Protective Fantasy Bird"

The idea of protectiveness inspired me to create this work.

This is a Fantasy Bird. The paper is very roughly textured handmade paper with pieces of grass creating a uneven edge and surface - just like life! Our life circumstances are our rough platform as well that is why I chose the paper to create some ranges of artworks on - it is very suggestive.

There is a prominent border around the work done with acrylics. This is stencil work. I did this because it suggests that we should also place our most precious belongings (in the Fantasy Birds case - her eggs), within a border. Borders give our young (or young to be) a sense of security.

The Bird is placed diagonally and it seems as if she wants to take off into the air - to flight, but her legs are rooted in the nest.

Silver, gold and bronze colors refer to the fact that the Fantasy Bird has real value - her strength in contrast to the soft pink and purple colors of her body that might make her look fragile. Softer colors are suggestive of "caring" and motherly touches which represents the protectiveness of the Fantasy Bird over her spotted eggs.

Liza Theron

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US$ 56-436



BA (Psychology); Internationally Published Author;

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