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Renier Van Zyl - Reflection - Man against Nature | Seascapes World Art
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Renier Van Zyl - "Reflection - Man against Nature"

"Reflection - Man against Nature"

Reflection - Man against Nature
Oil on Canvas, US$ 1,642

Reflection - Man against Nature

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Oil on Canvas

W: 1530mm x H: 1230mm
W: 60" x H: 48"

Approx. Weight: 3kg

This work is unframed


US$ 1,642


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About "Reflection - Man against Nature"

The title says it all. Everyone looking at the painting should see something of himself in it - all human feelings can be felt. It all depends on where you are in your life.

Renier Van Zyl

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About Renier

Renier Van Zyl

I had been teaching for 19 years before I had a massive heart attack in 2001 that resulted in early retirement. In 2005 I had a heart transplant and six months later I had the opportunity to start taking art classes with Marietjie le Roux. I have always been interested in art, but never had the opportunity. I enjoy what I am doing tremendously and I am doing it fulltime. Oil is my medium and detail is very important to me. A picture tells a thousand stories! I have sold quite a few paintings and it is always hard for me to part with them. I have also done a few commissions. I hope my paintings bring you the same joy as they bring me!

Raymond Carver said in "What you need for painting - from a letter to Renoir": "Indifference to everything except your canvas. The ability to work like a locomotive. An iron will."

Price Range

US$ 93-1,642





BA; HED; HED Educational Management

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