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Maggie.b Boshoff

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"A Brand New Day RESERVED"
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A Brand New Day RESERVED
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Maggie.b Boshoff

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About Maggie.b

Artist not responding to orders

As an outsider artist I tend to do my own thing. I do not have contact with other artists and very little contact with the outside world in general. I don't do social media, don't Twitter or Chat, don't facebook or Pintress or any other means of contact. I don't care what's-up or even text and only use the phone in emergencies. I prefer it this way. I cant be influenced by other peoples work and don't have to try and fit in.
My work is my work and when I paint I do it from the heart and do it because I love doing it. I have been painting for about 30 years and over the years my style has changed many times. I work in different mediums and do a wide range of art forms. I have done the exhibitions and galleries but prefer dealing with my clients one-on-one. For the past couple of years I have been doing commissions and mainly making copies of the truly great artists. I completed a copy of Pierneef and Irma Stern last year and just did a copy of Van Gogh.
This is the first time I have ventured into the internet-sales route. Who knows, maybe there is someone out there that like my unpretentious work? At the moment I am playing with watercolors and acrylic paint on paper and just trying to relax and enjoy painting beautiful colorful pictures

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US$ 275-275


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