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Justin Brown

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"Drink Deep"
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Drink Deep
US$ 217

"China Fire"
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China Fire
US$ 79

"Cryptic Clues"
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Cryptic Clues
US$ 63

"Happy Hour"
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Happy Hour
US$ 172

"Laughing Stock"
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Laughing Stock
US$ 73

"Look Into My Eyes"
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Look Into My Eyes
US$ 66

"Candlelit Moon"
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Candlelit Moon
US$ 79

"New Phase I"
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New Phase I
US$ 158

"L'Atmosfera E Inquinata"
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L'Atmosfera E Inquinata
US$ 325

"Purple Rain"
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Purple Rain
US$ 316

"Tears of Angels"
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Tears of Angels
US$ 271

"Dance of the Black Diamonds"
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Dance of the Black Diamonds
US$ 316

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US$ 208

"Purple Haze No 1"
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Purple Haze No 1
US$ 226

"Sea Haze No 2"
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Sea Haze No 2
US$ 172

"Pupae Strangle"
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Pupae Strangle
US$ 163

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Justin Brown

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About Justin

Justin Brown

Painting is who I am, it’s what i love to do, its my escape
I use every stroke of the brush, every drop of paint to transfer my ideas, my emotions and love of art and colours onto canvas
Most days my ideas are abstract, loud and vibrant, others are quiet and peaceful as reflected in my work.
It’s difficult to describe my work as at times it is necessary to block out all emotion and just paint, just working with the colours unreserved.
My interest in art started in high school and has been continuous since.
I have sold art both locally and internationally.
My medium of choice is mainly acrylic and enamel on canvas.
The effect of my artwork is individual and personal to the beholder and depends on the capture of the viewers thoughts and emotions at the time

Thank you

Price Range

US$ 63-678


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