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Herma Kitching

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"White Hydrangeas 3"
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White Hydrangeas 3
US$ 62

"Purple Seascape"
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Purple Seascape
US$ 111

"Soft Glow on the Mountains"
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Soft Glow on the Mountains
US$ 865

"Early Morning Baptism"
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Early Morning Baptism
US$ 111

"Early Morning Glow"
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Early Morning Glow
US$ 876

"Pink Seascape"
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Pink Seascape
US$ 111

"Mariette's Door"
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Mariette's Door
US$ 309

"Bowl of Grapes"
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Bowl of Grapes
US$ 76

"Blue Dress"
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Blue Dress
US$ 231

"Red Dress"
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Red Dress
US$ 95

"Pomegranate with a Touch of Blue"
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Pomegranate with a Touch of Blue
US$ 231

"Autumn Morning"
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Autumn Morning
US$ 240

"Cigar Smoker"
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Cigar Smoker
US$ 221

"Farmer with Pipe"
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Farmer with Pipe
US$ 221

"Seated Man with Apple and Wine"
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Seated Man with Apple and Wine
US$ 90

"Trombone Player"
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Trombone Player
US$ 184

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Herma Kitching

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About Herma

Herma Kitching

There's a freedom in painting and a joy in the creating process that compares to little else in life. I don't over-think my paintings, but always start with a concept, an idea that is inspired mostly by what I see, feel and experience. I work with a palette knife, paintbrush and spray bottle in hand: I smear, scratch out, blend, spray, wash off, blot, let the paint run. Exploring the acrylic medium and experimenting with styles and themes allows me to develop and progress as an artist.

The Love-series paintings were inspired by my 2 girls and Love, off course - I'm on a love walk in so many areas of my life, ultimately working towards the perfect, mature love that God wants for us all.

Price Range

US$ 57-876



Several group exhibitions at Studio d'art 2003-2009
Group exhibitions at Feather's Lodge, Durbanville 2009,2010, 2012
Group exhibition at Bloemendal Bistro 2009
AARDKLOP with MARIA, Liesl Brune & Mariaan Kotze 2010
Rosendal Gallery(Dbnville), with Nanna Vorster-Bakkes Oct 2011
VRYFEES Bloemfontein July 2012,2013
KKNK 2013
Gallery group exhibitions with LINDY VAN NIEKERK ART GALLERY
Gallery exhibition with GALLERY FABRIANO
Gallery exhibitions with BOOMHUIS GALLKERY Stellenbosch


N5 Painting 1995 ; Mentoring by Nanna Vorster Bakkes 2003-2013

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