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Reuven Kustanovich

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"Unrequited Love"
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Unrequited Love
US$ 682

"Dimensions of Space"
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Dimensions of Space
US$ 454

"Worlds End Chapter 1"
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Worlds End Chapter 1
US$ 409

"Worlds End Chapter 2"
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Worlds End Chapter 2
US$ 409

"Untitled 1"
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Untitled 1
US$ 636

"Falling Petals"
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Falling Petals
US$ 409

"Warped Perspective"
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Warped Perspective
US$ 909

"Through His Eyes"
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Through His Eyes
US$ 364

"Untitled 2"
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Untitled 2
US$ 863

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Reuven Kustanovich

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About Reuven

I have always painted for myself and from my own imagination and I am curious as to what people’s perception of my work is. I’ve drawn my inspiration from artist such as Salvador Dali, Picasso and Monet to name a few.

I was born in Israel, in Jerusalem to Russian immigrants. I came to South Africa at the age of five. Throughout my life I have drawn or painted, and from an early age my parents saw my desire for the arts. Perhaps it was the influence of my father, who is a classical musician and always exposed my family to the artist side of the world. Or perhaps it was my mother who was always fascinated by the history of art and encouraged my desire to paint.

If I were to label my art, I would begin by pointing out its style as a combination of abstract, surrealism and expressionism. Primary colours are the main element in my paintings. The use of these colours enables me to truly express my imagination in order for me to bring the paintings to life.

The concepts I portray within my paintings come solely from my imagination. Although I occasionally expose serious subjects such as war or natural disasters as an undercurrent or subtext, I also create unique images and characters. These characters represent different emotions and themes.

I prefer not to label my paintings, as the name generally sways you towards a certain meaning. Whereas I would prefer people to look at my work and go on their own journey to what they think the paintings mean to them. I feel that each painting can evoke various emotions to different people (I have seen how each of my paintings has effected people in different ways).

I hope you enjoy my works.

Price Range

US$ 364-909


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