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Ethlynne Lidbetter

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"A Hippo at Millwane"
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A Hippo at Millwane
US$ 67

"tranquil under threat"
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tranquil under threat
US$ 275

"Great Pride"
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Great Pride
US$ 183

"Ivory Temptation"
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Ivory Temptation
US$ 84

"Black and White"
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Black and White
US$ 67

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Ethlynne Lidbetter

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About Ethlynne

Ethlynne Lidbetter

Ghosts of Africa - Lost visions of our natural world.
This style is a perfect way for me to express how fragile our wild life is. It shows that should we not mend our destructive ways, all that will be left of these magnificent animals will be a faded memory, thus the ghost like appearance of the subjects.
Throughout my life I have painted many pictures. In that time I never really developed my own style or a passion for a particular topic. Then one day I found the need to express my fears for the future of our wildlife. It began with three buck lost into a colourful back ground. In most art, the animals are depicted in the foreground but, as I fear, they are no longer there.
My inspiration developed from there, experimenting with colour and blending techniques. This led to a series of paintings of which I am proud and believe convey my sad message in a serene but powerful way.

Price Range

US$ 67-412



Centurion Art Association
Centurion Lifestyle Exhibition
Cradlestone Art Exhibition
Malkerns Art Show
Yebo Art Gallery, Swaziland

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