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Jan-Hendrik Lötz

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"Dynserige Vroegnag (Hazy Early Evening)"
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Dynserige Vroegnag (Hazy Early Evening)
US$ 212

"Onderstebo Perlemoen (Upside down Abalone)"
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Onderstebo Perlemoen (Upside down Abalone)
US$ 291

"Skulpe / Shells"
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Skulpe / Shells
US$ 374

"Blou Berg (Blue Mountain)"
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Blou Berg (Blue Mountain)
US$ 231

"Blou Vrugtebak / Blue Fruit Bowl"
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Blou Vrugtebak / Blue Fruit Bowl
US$ 231

"Paarl Woonbuurt / Residential Area Paarl"
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Paarl Woonbuurt / Residential Area Paarl
US$ 309

"Sneeu op Matroosberg / Snow on Matroosberg"
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Sneeu op Matroosberg / Snow on Matroosberg
US$ 244

"Chapman's Peak 1"
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Chapman's Peak 1
US$ 267

"Chapman's Peak 2"
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Chapman's Peak 2
US$ 249

"Droom. Donker Toring / Dream. Dark Tower"
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Droom. Donker Toring / Dream. Dark Tower
US$ 295

"Droom. Turkoois Meer / Dream. Turquoise Lake"
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Droom. Turkoois Meer / Dream. Turquoise Lake
US$ 208

"Monolietsirkel / Monolith Circle"
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Monolietsirkel / Monolith Circle
US$ 254

"Droom van 'n Stad (Dream of a City)"
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Droom van 'n Stad (Dream of a City)
US$ 378

"Droom.Walvisse en Vloed (Dream.Whales and Flood)"
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Droom.Walvisse en Vloed (Dream.Whales and Flood)
US$ 378

"Droom.Kruispad in Woud (Dream.Crossroads in woods"
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Droom.Kruispad in Woud (Dream.Crossroads in woods
US$ 332

"Lenteveld (Field in Spring)"
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Lenteveld (Field in Spring)
US$ 263

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Jan-Hendrik Lötz

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About Jan-Hendrik

Jan-Hendrik Lötz

Honesty in art is what I inspire towards.

Price Range

US$ 208-378


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